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All of us anticipate the day when the Lord will burst the eastern to reclaim us and take us to heaven with Him. All of us have many questions for Jesus. I wonder if it will be a rat race to get to Him?

After you have spoken to Jesus who is your next in line favourite to talk with? Why this person? What are some of the questions you have for him/her? Share the anticipated joy.

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When sorrow will be no more.. Oh..!! WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE!!! ;-)
Praise the Lord my sister. I realize you are now stretching your imagination to the reality of what it will be.
Bes! Cant help but comment on this thread. That is so sweet of you! Surely, I would love to see you there too because we are in this together. You are such an amazing person, so much passion in you about preaching the words of God. I am praying about your burden for Japan all the time. And I am thankful to God that he let our paths cross. Someday, I would like to thank Him in person. Aside from me though, who would you like to meet there? I'm asking this question in behalf of Redva... hehe
You already know....Joshua
Nolan why joshua. Tell us.
Nolan why joshua. Tell us.

Everyone thinks of Bible characters but I'm also looking forward to seeing family members who have been laid to rest, some for many years.  To hold them again, to hopefully show them my children (some of whom have left the church that I pray will return)

As for Bible characters, Naaman's little servant girl.  We don't know her name but even after losing her home and family, she showed such love and compassion for those whom she could have hated.  Instead, she chose to bless them with hope and salvation.  To me, she is an example of how we should live, not just blessing those who are kind to us but even those who may have done evil to us.  We don't know if she gained her freedom, if she ever returned home or how the rest of the story went....until heaven.

Dorothy join with me in this song. "So until then my heart will go on singing, until then with joy I'll carry on. Until the day my eyes behold the city...... (AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD)  until the day God calls me home." 

Darling please maintain that focus.

I like your thoughts about those who've passed on before us; I would like to know my ancestors, my mother was adopted and my father was disowned [for family differences and his religious choice].
I didn't know he had a Love Interest.. [before he went out and wandered].
Oh, ok; lol
In which movie Don?


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