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All of us anticipate the day when the Lord will burst the eastern to reclaim us and take us to heaven with Him. All of us have many questions for Jesus. I wonder if it will be a rat race to get to Him?

After you have spoken to Jesus who is your next in line favourite to talk with? Why this person? What are some of the questions you have for him/her? Share the anticipated joy.

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Well, I can easily imagine there were ladies he'd dream of..
Gabriel & Quacinda, the man was focused on his mission. We today must focus too.
When I read the Scriptures, I try to imagine what it may have been like, these people were human just as I am and being real about life and applying Biblical principles is what The Good Book is all about for me.
Hey guys let us not stray too much from the point. Leave all this until you talk with him., what do you say Quacinda?
@ Gabriel, lol. What's a nice concept. let's us pray to get there, It is gonna be a wonderful place. I also  thought of of the dying thief on the cross that accepted Jesus few minutes before his death. I will want to ask him.. how he felt,,I wonder How did?????

Hey Gabriel welcome. Moses had a very hard time leading. He was provoked to anger time and time again. This would be my main are of interest in speaking to him.

Moses did not have his eyes on girls because he was on a special mission. He had to maintain his focus. Based on the concerns raised I can see that  you would have a serious problem with the girls so the Lord wouldn't call you  for such a mission but for something else. God knows what we can handle.

Sorry if I misunderstood. Was not intended to decry you at all. I was just interpreting what was suggested by your statement about Moses being around so many beautiful Egyptian girls and you wondered how he coped with it.
If i understand men right.. If he was a normal male, I'd think it was a pretty good assumption. lol I am just speaking from a human perspective.

Hey, Quacinda sorry to take so long before responding- busy. Friend I am really trying to avoid or stay away from certain speculation and assumptions with regards to the word. I prefer to err on the side of right. However I did apologies to Gabriel for the misunderstanding.

Let us leave it behind and continue the forum so that the objectives may be achieved. A constant gaze into or at heaven.

Good for you. Yes, leave speculations behind. And yes, I'd noticed your responses to him. Keep your focus girl! ;-)
You wll certainly have some puzzling and interesting questions for Moses. I will evesdrop when you start questioning him.
I think these are beautiful thoughts, thank you for sharing.


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