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Why do adults put down young people because of their age. Its like because we're young we don't know anything are aren't worth listening to about stuff. And because their older they automatically assume that their wiser than us. But all our lives we've been taught the difference between wrong and right. And when their wrong and they know it and when we try to speak on what's right they don't want to hear it? To me that's not fair to sit and listen to you and then I don't get a chance to say anything because of my age.........

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Andrew Lee Gardner

hello! Welcome to AO!


its not that youth dont have anything intelligent or wise to say

its the arragance, brashness, obnoxiousness, presumption  and lack of long history that sometimes [not all the time] acompany the blanket statements that younger people say


there is an idealism that follows youth but as u enter into the 40's  and 50's and so on.. life has a way of giving unexpectured turns that really challege once held totems of thought regarding multifaceted people and/or complex relationships






and the older adults see this and remember 'I USED TO FEEL THAT WAY' or 'I USED TO SAY THINGS LIKE THAT TILL I LEARNED BETTER'

older adults remember when they were young like u and thought they themselves  had it all figured out  and look back with horror and/or a chuckle

 realizing we didnt know what we were  talking about! ugh!

 we all were young once! and boy do we wish that we listened or learned earlier to the older people in our lives


i myself cringe when i see old or young say such things

in a CHRISTIAN FORUM that can alienate the others and give no HOPE or GRACE to the sinner who dont know or see GOD clearly


my dear friend please dont take it personally

we older adults should learn to be kinder to the younger adults about this very thing


and I agree the young people do come off like that in most case but like me if you have someone like me coming to you respectfully and minus all that extra stuff why wouldn't you want to listen. Its like the disciples turning away the little kids that wanted to listen to Jesus but He told them not to do that Luke 18:17 "assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it" 

and its like if Jesus was 12 speaking in the temple and amazed even the teachers by what He knew who said that God can't use younger people to teach the older people things that they may have not caught or understood at first 

u bring up very good points


if in humility and with a big box of vegi chocolates share your thoughts

most of us older people will listen :)

Andrew  you seek true guidance I see that.  One word of advice please go to an Elder or your Pastor of your church for guidance on these matters.  Also pray this is most important.  Pray for Jesus to help you to understand and to make a way for you to remain true to Him. Ask for His protection.  There is no greater friend, counselor and Father than Jesus Christ.   I will finish by saying that what you seek after you will not find on this online forum. 


Consider this.  Could it be that it is your own mindset that causes you to feel thig way?  Perception goes a long way when dealing with interpersonal relationships. 

Having said that, and having been young myself only a few years ago (G), but now I am old, I find that young people seem to feel the same about old people too. LOL  They often come across to older people as if the older person doesn't know anything.  So, be careful, for if the world lasts long enough, you may find that those same attitudes that you feel older people show to you, may find yourself showing to other young people when you are one of them(us). LOL

Yes, I can remember running into older people who felt that just becasue they were older, that made them wiser.  I still do run into them.  Then I find that I am older then they are. LOL  I can remember older people telling me they had "40 years of experience" in a certain skill.  While in fact, they had one years of experience repeated 40 times. 

So, life has its challenges of chooseing who to learn from and learning who you must just humor.  (I need all the humoring I can get.  OK? LOL)  So, seek out those older people who have indeed kept an open mind and have continued to grow and set at their feet and learn from them.  As for the rest of us old people, look and learn.  This is what you will be like not too long from now. ROFL


Maranatha :)

Okay, I'm the neighborhood mom to the "kids" in the neighborhood (they're in their 20s now!).  I always try to show them respect and listen.  No matter how unimportant or how wrong, respect goes a long way.  We have to come together, young listen to old, old listen to young.  Sorry you haven't found people who are willing to give you a chance.

Yeah....satan IS busy, isn't he? lol  He want's to create an environment to discourage you,...don't let him.

I love my young peeps, I actually learn from them. I think many forget that when we quote that old adage "it takes a whole village to raise a child", they often forget to consider the child's input!

Adults often overlook the basic needs of a child (young adult in your case) , and therefore, are not being the parent that the child needs them to be.

 You're welcome to chat with me anytime, about anything. God says in His Word that we are to reason one with another. I didn't see any age discrimination applied there, so all are to participate.


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