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Why are we so much interested in the coming events especially the papal movement, the "Illuminati" the devil worship and even we can predict the unfolding of events other than focusing on the worship and the "watch and pray" theme as the time has gone too much, The church is busy setting prayer time but we are busy predicting who will be the next American president....

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Because we live in a goal oriented world and for us, that means finding a way of achieving that goal in the easiest, fastest way possibel while predicting what stumbling blocks might appear.  We hope that if we know the opposition, we can somehow get around it faster and hasten the end.  And for some of us, time seems to stretch on and on and we keep wanting it all to end and we look for signs of that end out of exhaustion and despair of hanging on.  It is hard to focus solely on Jesus.  And we have all heard about the virgins falling asleep so we try to force ourselves to stay awake and watchful by watching the signs.  I know I'm guilty of that.  Guilty of looking at the bad things that happen as signs instead of spending my time looking for the good in God.  I

t is hard when you get your hopes up and the second coming doesn't come when you thought it would.  And Satan uses that to discourage us.  It is a constant battle for me to not get sidetracked into watching for the signs so much that I forget to just spend time with God. I'm trying to focus more on the end goal an eternity with God instead of making the end goal the second coming.

Dorothy nothing is wrong with watching and waiting because when we see these things taking place we KNOW our redeemer draweth nigh.

I believe keeping up with satans ploys and deceptions IS BEING watchful.

Ellen White says we give satan an extreme advantage by remaining in the dark about his ways..

Its my opinion that God is still opening His Book to us.. And also that He is opening satans plans to us more, via His Word, and also via that watchfulness that He DOES call for.


The signs, my friend, are all around.. WONDERFUL witnessing material being played out before our very eyes!!  If only we HAVE been watchful, and have seen it so we CAN tell it!   :)


I must say, though, to BE careful in seeking such knowledge.. For to become caught up, politically, on either side, is to become entrapped in thier web of deciet. Just like Coke and Pepsi, Republican and Democrat are all about choosing imaginary sides that dont even exist.


When Bush ran against Kerry, that was the pinnacle.. BOTH carrying forward the ideology of the Skull and Bones Society.. NO CHOICE.. A humanist lucifarian agenda, where we become peasantry again. To force us to worship will be a matter of life and death.. Eat and take it, or deny them and do not eat and die.. ALL our comforts WILL be gone.. There IS no way to stop this.. THIS is Biblical.. World FORCED religion.


Votes have not counted for a long time.. These are just my opinions, but, I think Ellen White DOES say that we shouldnt really become involved politically.. And I KNOW the Bible says that we should go along only until that point of compromise which cannot be crossed, even for love of country and rendering unto Ceasar what is Ceasars..


When every candidate is a liar, KNOWN liar, then all votes I would extend, have ceased to exist.. I am not obligated to choose from the two evils.. I will NOT be forced to accept a LESSER evil..


BUT, one must look exactingly at oneself and thier personal motivations, OBJECTIVELY, before one ever seeks out any of this type of knowledge.. Or you will get sucked into the vortex of political lunacy that envelopes the nation right now.


It is all a shell game. They keep us focused on these non-issues, (meaning, they have NO eye TO fixing the problems they get us focused on, in reality) while they go about the business at hand.. Bringing about thier globalistic agenda.


Which IS fulfilling prophecy.. SO much IS happening RIGHT NOW... Anyone NOT aware of what is going on, from a Godly point of view, is just mired in the muck.. And I feel sorry for people who are afraid to BE aware.


A side note of particular power for me is this..( Actually I will not say this is solid fact, cause I only heard it today and have not checked it for validity).. But.. Max Lucado said that, first off, fear never did anything beneficial for anyone, according to the Bible, it is always FAITH that DOES stuff like that.. And second, the thing Jesus said most often was Dont Be Afraid..


THATS what I have to check,whether or not it was more thn anything else, but I DO KNOW He said it A LOT!!


God wants to give us power.. And knowledge, guided by His Holy Spirit, is a part of this power that He knows we need for our time..  But most importantly, dont be afraid.. Loose your fear before you seek to deeply into the mess we have gotten into.. The real deal that is kinda not mainstream.. It is daunting, what we ARE up against..


But, its a beaten foe!! ..... 1/3... Thats all he got.. We belong to the God of the other 2/3rd's!!  Our Father has already won!!  Its all about perspective, I think.. Look, but ONLY from WITHIN Christ!!!  Otherwise it IS TOO scary.. 


Amen and Amen


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