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As Adventists we believe in the soon coming of our Saviour and therefore we must also believe that there will be a time of great trouble before He comes, so is it wise to bring children into the world at this time? Doesn't it show that those having babies now don't really believe what the Bible tells us?

Why would anyone want to bring new life into this ever increasingly wicked world?

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Maybe it's my depressive nature, but I don't like this world and never have, so I personally would not want to bring new life into it and I don't understand why anyone would want to.

Why would anyone want to cultivate a lily on a dung heap? 

I could understand it if by raising children it was possible to make this world a better place, but we know it's all going to end in disaster and things are not going to get any better here, so.....why?

I'm genuinely curious.

Laura,Wouldn't it be awful if your mother thought the same way? You wouldn't be here today.

For those of us who have children,we want to hear words of hope. We know the world is not the safest place, but  would like to maintain the hope that prayers can bring.

Lets pray! Rather than making other human beings feel guilty for having children;God's beautiful gift.

I am not saying that it wont be tough, for every mother,and all other human beings on earth!

I still want to hang on to the hope that Psalm 91 gives me!


Thinking like this is why the world in the last generation was heavily overrun with heathen thinking.

Many intelligent, Christ minded people who are now in their 70's never had children, while those of the world were in mass production..

Laura this paragraph you just posted, I've felt that same way since I was 15. This world is very screwed. Too much murder, rape, poverty, hunger, etc. Yet it seems most people are happy to bring children into it. It also baffles me. I would much rather adopt a child that is already on this earth, than to purposely bring life into it. Whenever I have this conversation with people, they either give me a funny look or get all defensive with me.

But again, irregardless of my feelings on the issue, the bible makes no mention on this. So I don't think this is an issue of "Why are Adventists having babies now?" but "Why are people in general choosing to have babies in such a crazy world?"

Nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way and, like you, I question why anyone would want to bring a child into the world in its current state, regardless of whether Jesus' return is imminent or not. 

I have always thought that deliberately having children is a very selfish act because, as I'm sure most people will agree, this life is not easy at the best of times.

Having a baby just because you want one isn't showing any consideration for the child and what sort of environment you're bringing it into.

I don't want to make other human beings feel guilty, I just want to understand the thinking behind raising children in these tiimes.

Some people genuinely feel this way.  Adoption is a good solution.  It takes a child in a bad situation and improves it for them.

Sure, it is no longer safe to bring a baby into this world we are leaving in , just look at human rights, you don't have control over your kids,look at the environment we are exposed to, it is becoming worse and worse, but we dont know when the saviour is coming, i think one kid will do.

Let this be a personal issue i.e. let  individuals decide for themselves if they want to be parents or not, since the Bible never gave such an instruction and we live in different parts of the world, facing different constraints and challenges. Some parts of Africa are still quite habitable and 'normal' (like where I belong)...

Your concern is real and appreciated, though 

No man knows the day or the hour.. Soon could mean when I'm 70, and I surely do not think it faithless to give birth to my son now.

After all, we have been saying He will come soon since Ellen white was young. And how many generations have grown to adulthood since then?

OK, so when was the cut-off for Adventists to stop having children? This year? Last year? 5 years ago? The year 2000? And how, and by whom, was it announced?

When James and Ellen White married (in 1846), there were those in the Advent movement who rebuked them for doing so, and said it was wrong to marry and have children because the coming of Christ was imminent.

There is nothing new under the sun...

..well you see when mommy and daddy get together this can happen.

If I was not 19 it would be hard for me not to want a kid after watching the below vids :O


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