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We are presume to be the most healthy people on earth . we have the health message and all the good stuff so Why are we not fit ?

i had to change the topic a bit, due to heavy criticism from the tender gender 

' out of shape' does not always mean fat; some 'fat' persons have very good shape

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How big is your country lol . There are not many fat people in your country period
we have 7,107 islands here. hah that is a lot.
well you Guys  can't get that fat OK . If i were you choose someone from your place i would not look for a slim lady but a FIT lady lol . that's a huge difference



  Maybe a "Fat" Woman would do you Good Jason you look like you need a Good Hearty Meal!!!!!! LOL LOL!!!!  

But Please let me not Judge!!! LOL

God loves us NO MATTER WHAT WE LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!


p.s Time to close this discussion now............quite boring!!!!!!!!!  LOL

Generally speaking, i agree with u on that Gabriel
why is this thing still going on? i wonder
Its ok Gab... words meant for Jason.. he knows why lol ... I did tell him that some women will have his head for this ....
lol... but i do advocate ...for the vegetarian diet .. whoop whoop lol
Enjoy Gab,
:) Good for you Gabriel!
lol Emly
Hello Jason the health fanatic, how are u doing? It has been a while man.


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