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We are presume to be the most healthy people on earth . we have the health message and all the good stuff so Why are we not fit ?

i had to change the topic a bit, due to heavy criticism from the tender gender 

' out of shape' does not always mean fat; some 'fat' persons have very good shape

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Wow I must really hate myself ur right no one gonna love me.

Craig, you are loved...LOVE YOURSELF! =)


Hi Craigg, you need not hate yourself some folks can't help being plump its in their genertics, you just have to be careful with your diet and exercise regularly.  We need to be so sensitive to others feelings and be careful of the discussions we start on the site.  PEOPLE PLEASE BE A BIT MORE LOVING TOWARDS OTHERS.

Lol ..Jason you would be stoned by many for the first topic .. Good idea for changing it.

Lol its good to stay fit Lol not too small or too big

Wc back

Better wording of question lol

 Because they do not eat well, exercise, or dress appropriately.  Even wonder why the bulge around the midriff ? When the lower belly and waste is naked it gets chilled and in order for  the kidneys to keep warn a layer of fat is produced, thus the inner tube effect. Sadly, in this perverted society, some people think that looks attractive.

The fingers are kept in great shape via the keyboard. 


Others may think differently, everyone has an opining 

But thanks for the sincerity 


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