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We are presume to be the most healthy people on earth . we have the health message and all the good stuff so Why are we not fit ?

i had to change the topic a bit, due to heavy criticism from the tender gender 

' out of shape' does not always mean fat; some 'fat' persons have very good shape

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Don't ask me

You are asking on the public airwaves ... "Why are SDA young women FAT ?


Wow!! Are YOU asking for trouble.  U can expect some  young  SDA women to come along and set you straight.

I would not want to be in your shoes especially if you are single.  WOW

lol N HIm
That I have MsMS. I learned them from the battle of hard knocks.
Oh my oh my this is too much Jason... please i beg of you ... becareful or u will get in deep trouble with some of our women on here
Emlyne. I warned him but only got a lol for my effort.


hahah i really do not know where Jason is trying to go with this ... he should know how sensitive woman are where their weight is concerned ...

Yes Emlyne. I learned that at an extremely young age. Now I'm talking about REALLY young age. And it has stuck with me for a half century. I may not know a lot ... but I do know that.
I totally agree with you Emlyne
John any comments... u just LOL
John. U R wise beyond your years. :)
Yes. You are definately 'wise beyond your ears'.


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