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We are presume to be the most healthy people on earth . we have the health message and all the good stuff so Why are we not fit ?

i had to change the topic a bit, due to heavy criticism from the tender gender 

' out of shape' does not always mean fat; some 'fat' persons have very good shape

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Hey I cannot agree with you more

Not only that, but starch (breads, cake, rice, oatmeal, pasta dishes, etc) turns to sugar, and blows you up, just like a soda!

Let us educate us ourselves instead of condemn one another.  Christ came to save men lives not destroy them.  Neither in words nor in actions.  Let us build a brother and sister up and encourage them to good works through love.  Getting healthy is a very good work!!


To be honest, We need to know the Eight laws of health.  We need to start to practice them in fully.  My testimony.  Last year in February, I weighed approximately 206lbs.  I applied the Eight laws of Health and the health principles found in Ministry of Healing and Counsels on Diet and Foods.  Today, I weigh 142lbs. 


Nutrition:  We need to get back to the basics.  Fruits, vegetables, Nuts and Grains. Whole Grains. Avoid too much sugar, too much salt,

Exercise: at least 30 Min of walking each day outside.  Also, gardening or manual labor is a very beneficial. 

Water: At least drink half of your weight in oz. In other words, if you weigh 120LBS.. please at least drink 60oz of water daily.


Sunshine - While you walking, enjoy the sunshine outside.  Even on rainy days, there is still sunshine outside.  even on winter days, bundle up warmly and get some sun. Even when doing manual labor, try to be outdoors as much as possible.  Warnng, too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, IF YOUR DIET IS BAD!! thats my only caution. 

Temperance -

1)We all know, we have to get off the chocolate, coffee, tea, cheese, or anything that we KNow is no longer safe to eat.  for optimum health, you need to get of meat and dairy out of your diet.  I have some great recipes if you need help with meat and dairy. 

2) No Eating and drinking at the same time.  Try drinking 30min-1hr before you eat and at least 2 hours after you eat.  This allows for proper digestion

3) No eating between meals.  Try setting a schedule of eating.  Giving at least 5 hours between each meal and try to eat 2 meals instead of 3. If you do take a 3rd meal, make sure it is at least 5 hours away from your bedtime.  late night eating is terrible on your metabolism.

4)its best not to mix your sweet fruit with vegetables. Can cause fermatation in the stomach. Very bad since, b12 is made in the colon and when alcohol is present, it destroys vitamins and minerals.  In the cookbook, Ten Talents they have a food combining charts.

5)Eliminate spicy and high salted foods, pickles, white floured products, most condiments are loaded full of vinegar, acetic acid and is very injurious to the body.  It works just like alcohol in the body since it is alcohol in essence.


Air - As you walk, practice deep breathing, sleep with your windows cracked at night. during the day, when possible let the windows be open. 

Rest - Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep, best to be in bed for 10pm.  most of the healing of the body takes place between 10pm-12am.  Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy!!

Trust in God -- Make sure you have Prayer each day. Set up a time for secret prayer, make it a special spot and stick to your schedule.  Study your Bible daily and do that which you read in your bibles. 


Brothers and Sisters, let me put it straight to you.  Health is not random events, but your choice. I set before you life and death.  I have been a vegetarian for the last 16 years before I really learned the Health Message in completeness.  I was taking Norvasc, Losartan, Alinpurinol, Zyrtec and Asparin.  I know, the hurt, the pain of being overweight.  I know, the burden and the many tears I have cried wanting and desiring to be healthy and not overweight.  If you want to be free from diseases and medicines.. I am here and willing to assist all. Because God has blessed me abundantly, I have chosen to devote the rest of my life as a medical missionary.  God speed, my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

(3 John 1:2)

Tim Scott;;


Thanks for the post Timothy  Scott.   Let's all go take a walk.  Enjoy nature... its trees, flowers and sunshine.  Good for mental health as well.

And our young men are all in perfect shape and perfect health??????????

Are you exercising?

cassava or tapioca  yummy and good source of fiber

Rob,  try eating  it with some grated coconut.

I admit that I am shapeless lol.

Its easier for ladies to get exercise, the household chores is exercise enough for most of you....

FAIL!  What would make you say such a thing?   smh

You are out of shape because you you do not exercise....period.

Many people are NOT going to marry....and many men cook and clean.  Exercise!

Rob, I think you are exercising plenty.  We as SDA have the wrong concept of exercise.  When I lost 64lbs last year, I only walked 30 minutes a day.  Exercise is the most inefficient way to lose weight.  Please get a copy of Counsel on Diet and Foods.  Eating between meals is bad. two meals are better than 3.  Eating at least 5 hours between and at least 5 hours from your bed time.  eating and drinking at the same meal is not good for digestion.  You know, I asked doctors at our washington adventist about eating and drinking and how effected digestion., they were completely stumped. You want better health.. Follow the counsels in that book and ministry of healing.  The weight will just pour off you!! 

It may have been inefficient for you.  Exercise is why more SDA's are overweight--even when they follow "Counsel of Diets and Foods".


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