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We are presume to be the most healthy people on earth . we have the health message and all the good stuff so Why are we not fit ?

i had to change the topic a bit, due to heavy criticism from the tender gender 

' out of shape' does not always mean fat; some 'fat' persons have very good shape

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How much exercise it takes to burn off America's favorite junk food

Do you ever wonder how far you'd have to run to burn off that dessert? Or how many hours you'd need to spend on the elliptical to burn off that appetizer? If you have, you have good reason to wonder. If you haven't, you need to.Knowledge is power, and once you learn how much energy and sweat it will take to burn off that tasty treat, you'll have a much harder time eating it, especially on a regular basis.

To burn off common, seemingly small treats, such as one chocolate chip cookie, one serving of potato chips, one candy bar, one soda, a bowl of ice cream or a couple of mozzarella sticks, you would have to run approximately 5 miles per hour for thirty minutes. That's considered a good, average workout. A workout that requires half an hour of your time to burn the 200 to 300 calories that took less than a few minutes to eat.

To burn off treats such as a medium movie popcorn, the typical regular sized smoothie, most regular sized frozen chocolate drinks, a small Dairy Queen Blizzard, a small McDonald's McFlurry, or a medium order of fries or onion rings, you would need to log up to an hour and a half on the elliptical. Each of these items average up to 800 calories. Upsize any of these items to a large and you're headed above and beyond 1000 calories and looking at up to 3 hours on the elliptical just to burn them off.

If you're interested in indulging in an appetizer such as an Outback Awesome Blossom, a restaurant size order of cheesy fries, cheesy bread from your favorite pizza place, mini burgers (aka "sliders") or southwest eggrolls, plan to walk briskly for 6 hours - and that's even if you split some of these common appetizers with a friend.

If you knew exactly how long it would take to sweat off that blueberry muffin on the elliptical, would you eat it? How about that thousand-calorie slice of cheesecake? Researchers have found ‘exercise labels'-posting how much exercise it takes to burn off the amount of calories in a food item-beat out calorie counts in steering hungry women away from junk food. 

That's right. Reading that a coke is 250 calories doesn't cut it. But knowing it takes a whole 50 minutes of running to burn off the calories makes one think twice about a sugary midday drink. 

In a study published last week in the American Journal of Public Health, scientists from the Johns Hopkins's Bloomberg School of Public Health observed that consumers where less likely to buy soda when they knew how much exercise it would take to burn it off. Basically, they were more swayed by the exercise than they were by simply reading the calorie content. 

Do you think reading a menu full of exercise prescriptions would make you less apt to indulge? 

Its easier for ladies to get exercise, the household chores is exercise enough for most of you....

I disagree with Rob statement. Women after 40 is completely difficult to loose weight because of age and hormonal. Post menopausal women will be like in a nightmare because its very hard to loose a single pound.

Eating sugar like it is going out of style always packs on empty calories, and leads to diabetes no matter who you are.

I'm sorry Dior, the same thing, I told Ron, in the above statement applies to woman as well.  As long as we are not adhering to God's Eight laws of Health, we will not be able to restore our bodies and lose weight.  God gave us these laws in conjuction with the Ten Commandments, its as a much a sin to break these as the Ten Commandments. If we are sick and weary, we are doing something against these eight laws.  Please obtain a copy of the Counsels on Diet and Foods and Ministry of Healing.  They are life saving both now and eternally.

AMEN!!!!! *applause*

Grace, you truly live up to your name--and are a BLESSING!

i meant everyone lol but I used this title to open people's eyes 

but i am very sincerely  sorry if i offended you or anyone 

there are many advice, help, recommendations etc. in this discussion 

yes i see some girls and young ladies with this issue-  anorexia nervosa and anorexia bulimia, and it's so difficult to treat. The advised given here are for both extremes 


I dont see many Adventists women here in my new church or even in the old church where I go to. Maybe just one or two. I see some big women BUT I dont think they are fat. They just have larger frames so their bones are bigger and that makes them look fat but they actually are not. 

Some don't exercise. Some love junk food(called sympathy food or feel nice food), some don't know that loving themselves involves looking good for themselves bofore expecting others to love them. For some, the genetics is pretty unfair, and they may need help. Find ways to help them, in your church.In my church, ladies keep fit, me included. Encourage them. Please don't assume that everyone who comes to church knows how to keep healthy. A smile, some advice, and willingness to hekp, will go a long long long way! God bless you!


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