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WHY are soo many denominational writers of the Sabbath School quarterlies written or referenced from

THe N.I,.V version of the Bible An N.A.S.B ,, WHEN I see soo many errors in these translations Or Am I out of line here?

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They aren't errors, they're just different wordings than the KJV. But, since this place is full of those who think that God inspired the writers of the KJV and we should discard modern English, I'll let them get to arguing. :)
It's not just the quarterlies. Dwight Nelson uses it in his sermons and for his TV audience. Many of the great theologians of our church use it. I see no problem doing so. There is no perfect version. Are you out of line? Yes. But then as we can see on this forum ... there are all kinds of wild ideas being presented. So your's are just as welcome.
excse me here but if a translation is worded liberally meaning it does not tell u what it really means is that not going to far?? Do u remember for instance when Paul was brought before King Agrippa to hear his side? king Festus wa salso their acting stupid telling Paul that his much studing had driven him mad haha / Nevertheless Paul was not hindered here he kept on going saying honarable King agrippa knows that what I say is true. now young travis n N Him listen to the diffferent translation in N.I.V it says PAUL, King Agrippa speaking Do u think in such a short time t o convert me ? KJV , AN NKJV put it clearly ALMOST I AM Persuaded !. u mean to tell me their is not a diffeent meaning here?. HONEST NOW SI THEIR NOT A DIIFFERENCE IN MEANING?/
I Dont care if u speak a different language or not this is definately not the same implied comment and their be hundreds of others too. it sfoung in acts 25 n acts 26 this one in particular but Revelation and many other texts if u look closely is way off the mark too ok??
I understand your apprehension, but I'm really not sure how what King Agrippa said pertains to our salvation.

Again, the objection is that the words are different than the KJV. For all we know, it happened in real life the way the NIV says it, and the KJV is wrong.
Wow! So they not only changed a metaphorical description, but they added a bunch of verses to the Bible? Those KJV writers sure were blasphemous.
Unfounded implications:

1. I don't love truth.
2. I'm not willing to learn.

Actually, both of those are false. I just don't think that it's very logical to think that the NIV is wrong because it disagrees with the KJV, when it could be the KJV that's wrong, and unless you witnessed the actual event, you won't know.
let me see here if I got the original manuscript n translate it to make it different deliberetly setting out to decive others cause it is not actually all that important if I make small changes?? Imagine that I will jus t make small changes n interpet the constitution as ithink it should be done after all the founding fathers were not intending that this document down here 200 years later is still important in the way we live today yes?.. WHY should what the original meaning of what God says be important to the exact meaning too ?
No version has a monopoly on Truth. That is why you need to use a variety of translations. Not just one.
Well, we don't exactly have the original manuscripts. So we have to have faith that God preserves His word.
those of us who are led of the Holy Spirit do know, we commit, and we study hard.

"Actually, both of those are false. I just don't think that it's very logical to think that the NIV is wrong because it disagrees with the KJV, when it could be the KJV that's wrong, and unless you witnessed the actual event, you won't know."

Quite a statement young man. If at some time in the future you realize that the opposite is true, please let me know.

There is the matter of truth. What are the circumstances of the different manuscripts? Does God care about two versions that are so different? Does He want us to be confused? If so, is that love?

Who is the author of confusion? Who is the father of lies?

Does the NIV and other versions seek to destroy the Divinity of Christ?

I contend that anyone who really cares about the answers to these questions, will seek the answers.

Mat 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you:

Mat 7:8 For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.
Another way of saying this is:

You have to believe my theories to have a love for Truth.

If you don't see things as "I" do ... you love error.

I'm better than you because I am older and wiser.

But if you keep trying and trying ... you can aspire to be as me. But ONLY if you are willing ... which you do not appear to be as of yet.

How am I doing Travis? See how sick minded these conservatives are?
Yes Gabe ... you are right. But they appear to be few and far between. It seems to be engrained in them.


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