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WHY are soo many denominational writers of the Sabbath School quarterlies written or referenced from

THe N.I,.V version of the Bible An N.A.S.B ,, WHEN I see soo many errors in these translations Or Am I out of line here?

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WOW, great post Ian. You are right on target. I have tons of info in my computer on the NIV and other liberal versions.Keep up the solid stand for God!
????????/ we are all christians with different veiw points?? so all other denominations that teach opposite veiws of the bible are ok too so the broad road Jesus was refering to in his sermons are non existent an the phairisees an sadusees just had a different veiwpoint hmm I seee!! .
JEHOVAH witness bible is just another veiw point and the catholic church teaching that it is ok to change God times an laws cause after all tradition too is important yes?. lets see now if I get this right ok different wordings is not important theirfore u can use whatever translation u like for we all going to be saved ..
I would suggest looking at, clicking The King James Bible Page.

Try using a pallel Bible and see what happens.

With respect to other viewpoints,

Sylvia Brown
Excuse me, try using a parallel Bible
Yes. They are excellent. We just got a beautiful leather Bible that is a parallel with the NIV and Message Bible. Good stuff.
I use a NKJV for study. It is important to have a concordance and hebrew and greek dictionary when you study.
I'm sure i don't need to tell you when you read a book or study put out by someone, you should not trust that this writer is 100 % accurate. We need to have the Holy Spirit and the good sense God gave us to discern truth and error.
Excellent. Absolutely true.
YOU KNOW SYLVIA I been meaning to purchase a parallel bIble for some time I heard kay arthour of moody radio talking about them a parellel bible uses the greek n hebrew does it not . I not aware of them using niv or other translations..
I can do that online in bible gateway . it just seems when I do read th lessons these days the theoligians use wrong references n the thought of what they quote is not what the text implies??
Country Doc I appreciate your time and imput too thank u
Hi, MJ!

A parallel Bible is a Bible with 2 or more translations side by side. You can get them in most tranlation editions you would want: KJV/NKJV/NIV/ASB, or others.
Hi Uncle Murray. I would just like to point out that a translation is just someone's interpretation. Praise God we have a variety of them. It is still our responsibility to root out the Truth and not to rely on someone's translation or interpretation. When you say that some use the wrong reference or interpretation/translation ... that is just YOUR interpretation. You need to find the one that fits your interpretation best. But, you also need to allow and respect that some will disagree with your idea of Truth. Perhaps I might even do so. Who knows? But, I think it is arrogant of us to state that others are promoting what the text does not. Others are promoting what THEY feel is Truth and not what YOU feel is Truth.

We all can use a heap more tolerance of diversity of thought.
WAIT a minute here!!.. I do not mind other translations persay ,, but if something or someone is is in error do u mean it is arrogant to point it out?/ FOR INSTANCE in N.I.V Bible it gives the impression by its liberal translation Adam Was right next t o his wife in the garden when she picked the fruit does it not??
AM I to believe ADAM was right next to his wife when she took the fruit and yet said nothing ? I AM also not supposed to say anything for if I do I being arroagant ? When the phairisees misinterpeted scripture was it ok and did Jesus let them d othis without warning those that would listen?/ / I Have a few Amazing fact cds an 1 of them ison the milenium and how the K.J.V interpetors were very imagiinative in their translation in revelation is Doug Batchelor also arrogant for making it clear what hell really means in the greek an hebrew??
. What about the reformers whose job it was to correct heresays by the CATHOLIC Church and those others that thought it was ok to keep the people in the dark? Are their errors or is their not in translations?? IF One translation is very inaccurate in how it states a scripture is it wise to use it ?
IF I be in the wrong I actually believe it is ok for someone to show me a better way . Their are a lot of things I not good at an I sure would not mind help improving in . . I aint so proud to say I know the right answers to soo many questions,.. When I have questions in my mind THAT I need answers to I CANT just let it go and shake it off and say it does not matter if something ,someone tells me is wrong /
Lord kmows I be faulty enough I just searching. I am thirsty for others to learn An follow truth better than I DID when I Was younger and thought I knew more than others so excuse me if I not satisfied with regular answers that be not accurate ,
I have to say that I am confused and not quite sure if you are trying to say that you know all and don't need to learn more ... or if you realize that you have much to learn. You seem to state both now.

My concern is that some try to say they have arrived and know exactly what the Bible is saying and that they can't be in error. Sure we are to share what we have learned. But to hit someone over the head with our version of Truth is simply wrong. Share saying "this is what I've learned". Others will share what THEY have learned. It might actually conflict.

To close our eyes to seeing other ways of looking at scripture is arrogant and dangerous. God just may have new insights for us that we never dreamed of if we keep our minds open. And hey ... that Baptist next door just might have something to help you with.


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