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A curios question I've wanted to post for a bit. Maybe its one reason, maybe its a combination. Maybe you were born into the church, so the question can be rephrased, whats kept you to be a Seventh-Day Adventist? Maybe it was through a friend, or Bible study, or saw something different. Maybe you've been trying out and visiting different churches.  There are many scenarios but one thing I'm sure of is that the reason is not an accident. Whether we show it in our lives or not, the Bible says this church would be peculiar, not patterned after the world, with a special mission, making us a special people. So I just wanted to hear about the different ways people either came into, or chose to remain a part of this church :)

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because it's the true church
I am just curious.. Has anyone ever looked up the definition of 'peculiar'? I've heard it all my life [since I am a 4th gen Adventist], but it was always presented to me as something special to be; but I never thought so. I HATED it, not that I had an issue with the word and it's definition, but because I came from a very abusive home. And my parents (mother and grandmother) had friends who always backed them up.. Regardless of the [type of] abuse if I spoke of it they'd say things like never forgetting to obey my parents and to forgive, thus the [REAL] issue was NEVER addressed. It was so crazy, my brother and I BOTH left the church during our teenage years. He never returned. For me, I knew there was a God who knew the truth and who cared. I was able to distance myself from the trauma and take an objective look at it. Then I was able to come back, after I'd become strengthened and could face it. I learned to ignore some ignorant remarks and confront others. Now I can survive the peculiarness of our people. I am an Seventh-Day Adventist because these are people who keep the Sabbath, and who know about Jesus and the story of redemption; dispite the dysfunctionality of it all.
i think she knows she just hate the word. it can also mean 1. unusual: unusual, strange, or unconventional
  • The situation was very peculiar.

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BE REAL, we ARE strange to many, but when we come close to them, they will find out the truth about our beautiful characters. Something akin to as how people followed Jesus as he mingled and ministered among the ppl.

PS: Am not angry.. with the CAPS words, just emphasis..

And I AM proud to be a part of this church, despite it's dark side.
Yes, thanks.
Thanks; I think you were being encouraging and positive.
Thanks, Alex
Yes, God brings healing in His time.. :-)

So I just wanted to hear about the different ways people either came into, or chose to remain a part of this church :)

I will respond later, because everyone seems to be focus on the word, "peculiar".


What is the real question?


Why are you a 7th Day Adventist?


God bless.

Are you sying I didn't state that?
Isn't it good conversations even HAPPEN? It is an open door and we can possibly share when people share, whether their negative or positive.

Yes, thats the question. I like that word peculiar, because I've seen churches want to be in this or that aspect like some of the more "exciting" churches. Not that we are to be prideful as in the Laodicean state but it should also be remembered that God has raised this movement up for a mission we have... but that can be a whole other thing. I wanted to include that word but the question is as you put it. 


As for me... 


I was born into an SDA family already. Grew up in the church. As I began college, I drifted away more and more as time passed. What brought me back to this church is simply and to make a long story short, that I knew no other church. Yes, I was aware of quite a number of them, but I just wasn't really interested in them as I was not even interested in mine. It was an invitation by a friend who actually might not have been the closest to the things of God at the time herself, but it was an invite and as much time had passed since I was gone, I thought why not. Eventually, another friend invited me to these prophecy Bible studies. 


It was learning what seemed to be like the first time about all these themes that other churches never talk about, seeing how accurate they were, that kept me in the church and actually also woke up an interest that was not there before. Saw God and the things of God as different from that point on. So for me, the reason I am now a Seventh-Day Adventist is that I have studied much for myself now, and have seen so many truths that our church has been blessed to have understood and received. I could not imagine going anywhere else, no offense to any other church, but simply and respectfully, they don't have the end time message. It is exciting to be part of the movement that has it, and as exciting to not keep it to myself, but rather to share with whoever will listen :) 

because i could not relate to the customs of the catholic church, even though i practically grew up in it. i would frequently wonder whats the real point of so many of their practises and why they so seldomly use the bible.i could never really remember having any connection to God rather than just playing church.

it just so happened[but now i know it was the holy ghost working for me,nothing ever 'just' happens]that i went to a crusade and the holy sprirt lead me to the truth and i got baptised.Thankful for this daily.Now that i'm in the faith i'm a SDA because i believe that the seventh day is the sabbath day and i believe in and await the second advent of our Lord.
i know that i have stayed in the faith because of God's grace and mercy-"i live yet not i but Christ which liveth in me..."also because i'm surrounded by loving brethen who encourages and motivates me and the joy ,peace, assurance and promises of studying the bible.


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