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1. I loved her so much I could not live without her.

2. God made it very clear that she was the one who He could bless our marriage. Through a series of a number of miriacles, He stopped my plans to marry someone else, brought me from California to Wasghington, D.C. to become her husband.

3. She seemed to feel the same way about me.

Maranatha :)
Great answer. You know, I wish to hear more answer like yours because it appear like some people don't know anymore why they got married and so we are seeing many family having lots of problem, simply because folks don't know anymore why they got married.

Great answer Ray. Remember this. ( Let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see him leave).
Wonderful topic , with the faith that GOD gave me i will answer this topic this year
Congratulation. You are about to do a great thing. I have been married for 16 years, October will be 17 years and it is as if we just got married

You can keep it that way by never stop courting her. Never fall into the trap of complacency, the idea that you have won her heart, nothing can ever change. You need to make an effort to win her heart every day.

Never forget that she is a gift from God.

Maranatha :)
You are absolutely correct. She is my gift from God and how I treats her would reflect my appreciation for the gift that God give to me. Like Adam I think of her as my missing rib and that cause Adam to say "She is bone of my bone and flesh of flesh"
I prayed for my bride before I ever met her, knowing that God knew who she would be.

I met her at a Bible study. (Single people take note! Where you meet somebody makes a difference.) The day I met her she laughed at my jokes, proving she had a great sense of humor.

One of my criteria for a mate was, "If only the ridiculous things that are important to me were as important to you." And she found the ridiculous things that were important to me to be important to her. Things like church, and prayer, and Bible study. She was even willing to become a pastor's wife. (No, I never became a pastor.)

After we had been dating for a while, I sent her on a weekend women's retreat. It was the longest weekend of my life. I kept saying, "I would like to... let's see... take a walk... WITH HER! Oh. She's on a retreat. Let's see. What else could I do? I would like to do such and such... WITH HER! Oh yeah. She's on a retreat." I did that ALL WEEKEND LONG and I knew that I never wanted to be apart from her again.
Cool answer David. Just like you I met my wife at a evangelistic crusade and from the first time I saw her, I knew that she was the answer to my prayer. Our union together grew with the addition of two great children. We are really enjoying our relationship. With God in the family, things can only go the way He would want them to go.

Happy Sabbath my friend

My late wife met me in church, however, I did not meet her there. I met her when she and a few other nurses just about knocked me down when they came flying out of the door of the hospital cafeteria. While she did not physically knock me down, she locked me in her heart, so I might as well have been knocked to the ground. However, our first date was to Elder George Vandeman's meeting in San Diego. So, I guess it would be appropriate to say that we met in church, kinda sorta.

However, God brought us together, and He kept us together for a long time, that went by so very fast. It seems like just a moment from this end, rather like Jacob felt.

A good wife is a gift from God and when He has brought her to us, we can count ourself of all men, most blessed.

Maranatha :)


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