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Why do I see so many SDA marriages fail when they are professed to be a match made-in heaven? When they have done everything right before getting married - like (not to have sex before marriage, reading Christian marriage books, studying each others character, doing their research, going to pre-marital counselling etc)? - Why do SDA couples who are supposed to have it 'figured out' end up either in a dead marriage - separation - divorce?


I have read quite a lot of Christian marriage books (that my parents bought from camp meeting) and they teach all these things....But I want to know what is your opinion .. Why do you think Matt 5:32 & Hebrew 13:4 is ignored when it comes to different situations in marriage? Have we forgotten that we are not battling against the flesh but forces of darkness? Has it got to do with our spiritual commitment with God? 


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Ok, makes sense, thx ;-)

There are many reasons.. I know one couple who got married far to quickly.. They were both Adventist, but didn't really understand each other or what they were in for.. Then there are many others who go in to a marriage expecting that the person they marry will become someone else just because they love them and can't see what is in front of them till its a few years to late.... Most frequently from what I have seen when that happens it is usually the mind set of both..


Some (I dare to say many) marry to quickly, because they are afraid that with the low number of young people in our churches they may never find anyone.. If we reed the Spirit of Prophecy you even see that Adam fell due

to this same fear of loneliness... So needless to say it would not be the first time men and women have destroyed what God had intended to keep holy, because of it.....

what matters much is not only the efforts u made to get acquainted with marraige demands,but after wedding day, months or years later, it seems that most husbands or wives take things for granted and fail to nurture their relatiohsip, what u made to win hsi or her heart turns to be forgotten. This and many other reasons explain broken home amidst adventist circle. we all ought to care for whatever God wants us to do in oder to keep our homes safe and strong, beause the ennemy of our salvation knows that if he breaks a home he will likely lead more than tow souls from a precious goal.Let's always pray to keep our marital love flame shining, so that our hoime will be a stool for rescuing the dying souls.

NUTURING A RELTIONSHIP AFTER I DO<S AR E SAID:>? This i swhere  a wife has to remember and a husband to it is not our own will we have to be subject to.  WHEN U PROMISED  I do did u mean their was something u would hold back in the relationship>? DO u think  Christ is pleased when u delibertly set out to withhold yourself from pleasing your mate ikn even seemingly little things to you but  something major to your mate??


 DO you know have u come to the realization when u fail to fully commit to anything that  is honorable in a marriage setting u grieve the  HOLY SPIRIT TOO?  WHAT ABOUT CULTURE THEN ?  Is cultural habits so ingrained you not willing to compromise in this area even just a little ?

 FILL in the blanks yourself for I not going to be  explicid in this area so as not to cause offense to anyone, remember if u can say yes rather than NO! NO! How sweet the sound to the ears like the taste of honey!

 HUSBANDS   I just was told  by a co-worker  that stated Murray I TELL  U THIS AS  A FRIEND that my tone of  voice ,(I am accustomed to ) is way to harsh when  I get upset or pre-occupied with my own thing" MY wife  has already addressed this and yet iu could not hear it from her


 so men be careful and listen to your wife requeasts as best as u are able/.  


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