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I was listening to the sermon last Sabbath and the pastor was mentioning Sister White and used Rev 12:17 and 19:10 to prove that she was the Spirit of Prophecy, and since she is, then therefore our church is the remnant church. I don't disagree that we have the remnant message, or that Mrs. White had prophetic visions, but what hit me when I read these verses is this,: the spirit of prophecy, the very heart of prophecy, the focus and destination and ultimate purpose of prophecy, not the letter of- but the spirit of, is the testimony of Jesus, the written Word and spoken Word about the Living Word. Does anyone understand this concept? So why do we call sister white the SOP?

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I am glad you feel guilty about critique E G White  because just as the writers of the Bible she was inspired by God to write her works. It is not a question about if she was infallible it is a question about why you see her as uninspired. Either she was or she was not 


Where did you get the idea I feel guilty about EGW. I haven never indicated anything like that. My thought above demonstrates the inconsistency with which we treat the writings of Ellen White.



Yes I am well aware of your dislike for her. Because you have found a few faults in her writings. And so you have condemned her as a false prophet. If you do not feel guilty well that is a matter for you is it not. 

Be it as it may the Bible itself has some passages that can be seen as doubtful. Do we  get rid of the bible because of that. Yes some do I have seen. Are we to call God a Liar? 

Yes Keith, using circular reasoning to supposedly prove the point. Elijah is always condemning anyone who does not agree with him or does not believe or even questions EGW's writings and position as a prophet.

Most other Christians would be really taken back by the degree of worship of EGW, especially by Elijah. The mindless quoting and vilifying of others. Elijah is a sort of Pharisee of the SDA. Everyone else is evil who disagrees with him. 

Not to mention putting thoughts and words in other people they did not think or speak, as well as guilt they did not feel?

If Elijah had the power, would he be the Grand Inquisitor of The SDA Inquisition against all those that don't believe or question with valid points and reasoning? God expects us to use our minds, as well as our hearts and the spirit of God also.


Hail the one who worships himself and walks in the light of his own kindling.

That was a great article and I completely agree with it.Thanks for posting.


You really do get some strange ideas about what others believe. Have you ever heard me say I didn't think Ellen White was an inspired writer. Don't tell others what I think. If they are interested they can ask me. Thank you.



Yes I have seen many times you condemn her writings and called her a false prophet. You need to make up your mind Keith, She is either inspired by God or she is not.

Just because we can find a small fault does not mean that she is a false prophet. By the same token we can find some inconsistencies in the bible, do we call the Bible a false document, I have seen some do.


You have never heard me call her a false prophet . That's your own made up idea. I have not condemned her writings ether. If you find inconsistency in the bible that's your problem. You seem to feel that any question or discussion that does not agree with you is criticizing or condemning. Those are strong words. I posted yesterday Ellen Whites Quote where she herself said that just because we have had certain beliefs for many years does not make them infallible. Truth is progressive, I know you want to go back to the horse and buggy days, but face it Truth moves on.   Get over yourself and smell the roses, you just may not be the only one who has all the truth. Please stop telling me what I believe, when you don't have a clue.

Happy Sabbath,



Perhaps you are right in the respect of Prophet, because you do not think she is a prophet. But I have seen many comments from you saying her writings are faulty, to me that is the same as saying she is false. 

Truth is progressive true but that does not mean that what it is built on is wrong. Did you know when the early church hammered out its fundamentals E G White was there. She did not fully understand what those men did say, but when they got stuck the Holy Spirit gave her a vision to help things along. You say she was not a prophet? 

Have a blessed Sabbath 

Keith: I will second that motion, indeed! "Strange ideas what others believe."

I have one thing to say you are deluded by the devil! You have been shown the truth and you have rejected it. So you will get the reward of a lawbreaker.  


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