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I was listening to the sermon last Sabbath and the pastor was mentioning Sister White and used Rev 12:17 and 19:10 to prove that she was the Spirit of Prophecy, and since she is, then therefore our church is the remnant church. I don't disagree that we have the remnant message, or that Mrs. White had prophetic visions, but what hit me when I read these verses is this,: the spirit of prophecy, the very heart of prophecy, the focus and destination and ultimate purpose of prophecy, not the letter of- but the spirit of, is the testimony of Jesus, the written Word and spoken Word about the Living Word. Does anyone understand this concept? So why do we call sister white the SOP?

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Glad you enjoyed it.


If we could just get past the above semantics, so many problems could be put to rest. Unfortunately a lot of guilt has been put upon questioning anything about the SOP. The SOP themselves tell us that in the last day's the devil will try to undermine the validity of the testimonies, therefore any questioning of the SOP is looked upon as going against God.


Totally agree Keith, and GOD forbid that we should put any stumbling block in the way of winning souls to the Kingdom....and elevating Ellen White to God-like status in Adventist circles can be very off-putting to those who are seeking the truth.

The writings of EGW are no doubt a blessing to Adventists, but she was not infallible and, personally, I consider some of her statements somewhat questionable, but I dare not voice these concerns I have with my brothers and sisters at church because I would be considered a heretic!

Yes, elevating EGW or anyone to the God-like status. Totally wrong and to be avoided at all costs. 

Yes Keith and that is what is going on here.

When you find men questioning the testimonies, finding fault with them, and seeking to draw away the people from their influence, be assured that God is not at work through them. It is another spirit. Doubt and unbelief are cherished by those who do not walk circumspectly. They have a painful consciousness that their life will not abide the test of the Spirit of God, whether speaking through His Word or through the testimonies of His Spirit that would bring them to His Word. Instead of beginning with their own hearts, and coming into harmony with the pure principles of the gospel, they find fault, and condemn the very means that God has chosen to fit up a people to stand in the day of the Lord.{1SM 45.1}

Elijah, I wonder if the jewish converts felt the same when Paul said circumcision was not of the flesh but of the heart. I can imagine some of those jewish Christians speaking the same words you have voiced. "It is written that man shall have his foreskin cut, so why is Paul trying to allow the gentile converts to not have this done, He is being led by another spirit, because he is questioning what God has plainly said." In reality, brother, Paul was being led by the HOLY SPIRIT, and those believers who seemed to have valid points, were actually being led by tradition and conformity.


Yes Charlie 

Led By the "holy spirit" that's it. The WO movement is lead by a "spirit" a spirit of self promoting not unlike the Satans atemt at unseating God. 

Excellent points Charlie B.

Somehow, Elijah, it seems you are missing the point here.

Keith and the point being?


Read Laura's and Charlie B's comments above, I think they explained it very well.

We have been placed in a position of guilt by the SOP. Any questioning of the writings of EGW are considered the work of the devil.

Read what you posted above from the SOP in 1SM 45.1. After that statement, anyone would feely guilty about any questioning of the testimonies. And where did the statement come from? The very writings in question.

We say that Ellen White is not infallible ,yet we take a statement like the one you posted above as written in stone. Any questioning of the testimonies is a sign of the end exactly as it said would happen in the testimonies. Is it clear what I mean now?



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