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Not trying to cause a war here, and if your intention is to hurt/humiliate anyone responding to this post please save all of us the trouble and don't post!. A friend and I were talking and honestly I don't know if there is biblical basis for us not dancing. So, what can you tell me on the subject, why do we as SDA's not dance?

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Hmmm, or the question will go like this....

Why do Adventists not allowed dancing?

Let me share with you what I have learnt through the material I've found that's worth reading for...

It says there:

You could also ask: Particularly when there's so much of it in the Bible? That's a good addition to the question. Of the some 27 times it is mentioned in the Bible it is almost always in a positive context. It is used in worship (Psalm 150:3,4) and as an expression of joy among the people (Jeremiah 31:4). David danced before God and that was accepted (2 Samuel 6:14) and Miriam led the women of Israel on a victory dance after the defeat of the Egyptians (Exodus 15:20).

To us these dances would have appeared much like folk dances - not the kind of dance which is done in a night club. In the Adventist book Shall We Dance? Bill Knott lays down several principles from the Bible about dance. Among them are: Dance should praise no other god, but God (Exodus 32:19); dance should not promote inappropriate sexual arousal (1 Corinthians 10: 7,8): and appropriate dance is dance in which God is invited as a witness and participant (Romans 14:23). Modern dance tends to break these principles...

Hope this helps...
Oh Dont SDA people dance?........ I never knew that....
where Gabe, in church or the disco? Believe it or not, when I was in my twenties, I was dancing every weekend in the clubs. We put on the polyester clothes with the big collar worn outside over the jacket. It was all an exercise in drunkenness, other drugs, and sexual immorality.

Praise God Jesus has delivered me from all that and more! What used to be "fun" is now disgusting and violates Godly principles. This so called "jazzercise" or other dancing that forms the excuse or justification for exercise is still dancing with sexual, sensuous movements to rock music. The excuse will be made that it's just a group of women, or even a mixed group foe exercise purposes only. But those activities just reinforce the mind to dwell in like manner which always leads away from Christ.

In one local SDA church here, the leaders brought in a toybox VBS program that has theatrics, and dancing to a hymn that is turned into a hip-hop song, all under the guise of "teaching children the Bible." Do the children love it? Absolutely? They are not able to judge whats good for them or what is not, feelings and emotions rule the moment. The parents and leaders think they are doing such a good thing, while serving to keep the kids in the church at a later age.

Instead, the minds of the children, whom Jesus loves, are turned away from Him, and into worldly avenues.The parents and leaders have not been faithful teachers of God's Word.

Mat 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

It is true this verse more properly applies to harsh, cruel attitudes and actions taken be some that drive the little ones away from the Saviour. But I also see that worldliness presented to the kids also drives them away, while seemingly making them happy.

God is not pleased with our inattention and trifling with His blessings placed within our reach. Neither is He pleased to have us place our children in worldly society, because this
best suits their tastes and inclinations. If the souls of your children are saved, you must do your work with fidelity. God has not been wholly pleased with your course in regard to worldly associations, and now the peril is revealed. You have also encouraged the reading of storybooks; these, and papers with continued stories, lying upon your table, have educated the taste of your daughter until she is a mental inebriate and needs a stronger power, a firmer will than her own, to control her. {5T 505.3}
Gabriel, one thing that you might want to consider is that the specific dances that you mentioned are (and are designed to be) very sexual in nature. As Christians we should be aware that we are to represent Jesus in all that we do. We should not put ourselves in the path of temptation neither should we cause temptation to fall on others.

Not quite sure exactly what the "groove thang" is that you are intending to shake but if it is anything like the "groove thang" that I used to watch being shaken (and the one that I used to shake myself) you will need to be especially careful not to compromise your Christianity.

The plea of "I just want to have fun" isn't quite the ethic that Christians ought to be keeping at the forefront of their mind. As far as your Hispanic upbringing is concerned, there is neither Hispanic nor Negro, nor Asian, nor Caucasian for all are one in Christ.
Good Point John. And there is neither male nor female. Whoops. I guess that doesn't help much here.
Praise God we are judged by The Blood.
You seem to be in a different world Gabe, working out our salvation is the most important. No one will be "shaking anything" in hellfire.I'm not saying you or anyone in particular is going there, we want to all to be in the kingdom including you and me. Sadly, millions upon millions who put the world first over Christ, will wake up a thousand years too late. By their own choices they will have unfitted themselves for heaven, and the society of Jesus, the Father, the Holy angels, and the host of the redeemed saints.
Mat 7:13 Enter you in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it.
I praise God that Gabe is in a different world. We need diversity. I am so thankful that he has not chosen the Legalism path that so many are on. So, in this way ... God can use him mightily.
Unless, of course, he chooses the Liberalism path that so many are on. That may prevent God form using him mightily.
I'm not a racist Gabriel, I respect your right to do as you please, God is the judge, not me.What has Mexican or as you say Hispanics have to do with dancing? Even the Orientals that come here will find their way to the disco.If you go to the disco, that's your business, but if you do that and teach Sabbath School in church, I would have a problem with that. If I was your pastor, I would also request to discuss the issue with you.

We are supposed to be a separate peculiar people, sanctified unto the Lord, please tell me what has dancing have to do with that?

If we are friends with the world, we are the enemies of Christ. You may go have all the "fun" you want, however, you may not have the Lord's approval which means more than anything
Evelyn, From the definition of the term "dance", I will say YES I DANCE. And I am an SDA.


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