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Not trying to cause a war here, and if your intention is to hurt/humiliate anyone responding to this post please save all of us the trouble and don't post!. A friend and I were talking and honestly I don't know if there is biblical basis for us not dancing. So, what can you tell me on the subject, why do we as SDA's not dance?

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So am I to assume that i can worship God anyhow in my personal worship but when it comes to corporate worship I must be more reverent? I am asking a question?

With regards to Jesus the fact that Jesus went into the temple brought glory and reverance to the temple.
Because Jesus was greater than the temple and greater than the gifts at the temple and greater than Solomon and Herod who built the temples.

I was not arguing that anything goes in the church, I was simply exploring your reasoning to see how far we could go using your premise. Jesus told the woman at the well that neither in Jerusalem or in the mountains will they worship. But they will worship him in spirit and in truth, Jesus spefically took away the concept of worshipping in buildings perse. We are worshippers the building does not make us worshippers. And when the veil was rent from top to bottom the significance of the temple was done away. And we now have access to the throne of grace without the temple or the church building.
Well, I think the answer to your question is contained withn your response. As you said, it doesn't mean that "anything goes". As a sinner I cannot trust myself to be able to judge correctly what is acceptable/reverant/correct. So, I go to the Bible and see what God requires, i.e. how did He require worship from the Children of Israel.
But how God required worship from COI is not the same as how He expect us to worship Him today. As indicated for the Jews worship was all about the Tabernacle/Sanctuary/Temple/Jerusalem. However Jesus clearly indicated that worship is not confined to a place or a building. It's all about the individual now the temple service is done away with. We now worship him is spirit and in truth not in a building perse, the very said COI put so much emphahsis on the temple that Jesus had to remnd them that a greater than the temple was is here.

Bless up
Charlie, I'm speaking of the principle, which doesn't change.

Looking at the spiritual application I would also consider that we are in the antitypical Day of Atonement.
I am also looking at principles and COI mode of worship cannot be equated with NEW T mode of worship. And if we are in the antitypical day of atonement was that mean? The day of atonement was a sabbath day, so how are you going to apply that. I am a bit confused as to your application that we are in the antitypical day of atonement. You would need to break it down for me.
I'm not talking about the mode, I'm talking about the principle. The principles of worship do not change.

Now, as far as the Day of Atonement goes, you said, "And if we are in the antitypical day of atonement was that mean?" You will have to clarify that question I'm afraid. I'm assuming that you understand and agree with the concept of the antitypical Day of Atonement but I can't really answer the question without asking your view on that as it either makes my response a lot easier or a lot harder :-)

I'm not sure if I am prepared to go too deeply into it tonight as I have an early start tomorrow - plus I don't want to muddy the thread by potentially diverting off to another subject.

So, if I can approach it briefly, without waiting for your answer, the typical Day of Atonement was a more solemn day than all the others as it was the time when sin was "disposed of" and if your sin wasn't included in the disposal then you were outside the camp until the next Day of Atonement a year later. This is why, as SDAs, we eschew jewelry and adornment of dress and it should also colour to an extent the way that we worship. Certainly, I would suggest that it is another big reason for not dancing at this time.
Christ is now in the Most Holy compartment in the heavenly sanctuary finishing the work of atonement for the guilty race.
Michael, I'm just telling the history. Qotb stated himself what it was that triggered his disgust with the USA and specifically mentioned the high school dance. If you think that's tenuous, up to you. Apparently Qotb had the same problem with inappropriate body contact that you do, so it seems to me that you are actually in agreement.

Regarding the dance subject, Evelyn asked the question and that's what this forum is all about. Discussing topics relevant to Seventh-day Adventists. What is minor in one person's mind may be major in another's. That's the beauty of us all being different. I don't see any hushed tones or anyone equating dancing with murder or rape. Of course, I think it is fairly safe to assume that even the most liberal SDA is still against murder and rape.

So, it may be irrelevant to you but to Evelyn and her friend it obviously is not so I see no reason not to share our thoughts on the subject. If you would prefer to focus your concern and moral indignation on drug and alcohol abuse, child rape, poverty, racism and gang violence then this thread probably won't interest you very much.
Cool down my Dear
"I still think it is a stretch John."

It's very simple, Michael, just read Qotb's writings, particularly "Milestones". As I said, Qotb states himself exactly what affected his judgement. It is then simple to track how his theory of "jahillaya" is taken up by the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad and the World Islamic Front and from there Ayman Zawahiri (who had been deeply affected by the death of Qotb) mentors Osama bin Laden. Even today's suicide bombers read "Milestones". We just finished a terrorist case yesterday and guess which book was in the list of exhibits. Anyway, as I said, up to you.

Apart from that, I sincerely hope that your expectations of this thread will not be realised. I prefer to think that we will continue as we have been, having an interesting discussion about what we believe and why. No doubt *if* you see someone going overboard in this thread you will be able to counter their argument but please don't always assume the negative.

Your last paragraph might have been better posted in the relevant thread, thereby allowing those you are accusing to respond to your assessment. You are obviously upset by that thread so why not voice your concerns there rather than having a rant in this thread.
As yes, the tithe dollars... North American domination of the church and, just like the world, all bow down to the mighty dollar. I guess in some areas of the church that's what it is all about. 10% of the membership trying to control the other 90% with their tithe dollars. I suspect that other areas of the world are not so money-minded when it comes to their beliefs.

Anyway, if you don't want to participate in that thread why come into this thread and moan about it?
You are right Michael. The recent LLU health study of SDAs (97,000 of them) determined that only 4% of SDAs are vegan.


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