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Why do we worship God? Do we do so to have heaven? or for a different reason. If we argue that it is not for heaven, will we love and worship him if we were sure that there will not be heaven?

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Because He is our Creator.

It is like a mother or father and child relationship.

Do you love your mother? Why?

On top of this ... add the fact that your Father died for you.

Rather imposing ain't it.
Wow, That is a valid argument..... Im impressed with that
But Let me add this: Will we respond to his love if we were very sure that there will not be heaven?
He is the Creator, He is Love, and i love Him for that.
But will we really respond this way, if we know that there was no heaven afterall?
Your question Holds..... Will I continue to worship and love him if I knew that there will not be heaven at all? Wont I creat heven here on earth for myself?
For a better life - goodness - righteousness. There must be something better than what we have here - heaven. Let's call it heaven. Yes. for heaven.

God loves me because he created me, but if He created me, but didn't love me ..would I worship Him? No. He would be like a bad parent. Thank God He is not.

No wonder He expresses His love to us in so many ways, tells of of a better way to life, saves us from destruction and points us to paradise. Would one of these work without the other.? I don't think so, do you?
So all that you are saying, Melinda, is that we worship him because of His love for us.... and in a way, to gain the goodies that he has for us!
Yes, we realize that good is better. In other words, His way makes for a happier life - better than the one the enemy has presented to us. We choose God, heaven, a better life, the earth purfied and renewed - -salvation.
Yes. heaven! Thank you so very much!!
I have heard of Christians who worship God because of the fear of hell, If hell didn't exist, they wouldn't behave the way they behave now.

I personally I worship God because he created me, He loved me before I knew him. He is faithful in fulfilling all his promises for me. I trust him with my life and he has never let me down.
I praise him because he knows and holds my future, he loves me unconditionally.
Me having an intimate relationship with my God is the best decision I have ever made.
Wow.... That was a splendid contribution. I love that
I worship God because He is creator. He made me special. I worship Him not for the heaven but His love to me. God's love is a heaven for me.


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