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why do women still preach when the Bible says that women should be silent at church?

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Denis are you calling me hard hearted? 

Thanks brother Denis for the advice, I found the ebook and I have downloaded it, I'll read.

sister   if you seek knowledge but harden your heart from the holy spirit , you will only see what you want to see  ..... it is true that the current state of men leaves to be desired but GODS word is GODS word .... he sees what we can,t  . and he demands  obedience . 

I would like to ask a question did Ellen White preach and teach men? did Ellen white have authority over men? was Ellen white a spiritual leader in the SDA church? an honest answer to the above questions would amplify the hypocrisy and double standard in the SDA church.

Was Ellen White a prophet?
Do you know of any other lady prophet in our church?
Prophets are God's mouthpiece, they cannot remain silent.
31For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all may be exhorted; 32and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets;…
Didn't't Ellen White have a position of authority in the church?

Her authority was in the messages God gave her rather than in any position the church gave her. She specifically rejected the idea of a leadership position in the church. “It is not right for you to suppose that I am striving to be first, striving for leadership. . . . I want it to be understood that I have no ambition to have the name of leader, or any other name that may be given me, except that of a messenger of God. I claim no other name or position” (Letter 320, 1905;

Hi Charliebwoyo

Seems  like some of the others around here you can not tell the difference between  a Prophet and Pastor. Double standard you say we are supposedly the people of the book, but I note some think that we should be the people of the worldly churches. In other words they think we should join Mother Babylon and her Daughters. Why do you even bother keeping the Sabbath? 

Prophet and pastor, both are gifts of God.
does has The Holy Spirit gifts exclusively for men and others only for women? I think that not, I think that God look the heart of the persons, for call them and prepare them for service him.

Elijah, says: "Mother Babylon", are you referring to the Catholic Church?


I am aware of some female prophets in the Bible but I can't seem to find a female priest in the old testament or a female apostle, overseer, pastor, elder in the Bible. If there are none why do you think Satan wants us to now initiate this evil practice?

Well said Jason.    People, if God is a God that changeth not, why do you think he would say in one text women should not be Pastor's and approve it somewhere else.   

See Janny asked a perfect question, why are we going against God's word.   Satan wants us to believe a lie, and he will make our mind believe we are right and others are wrong, 

Proverbs 14:12King James Version (KJV)

12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

I suggest that any member here, search the scrirptures, and go to God in prayer, and ask him to tell you the desires of his heart.  The God we serve does not change, and I do not think this pleases Him.


In need of Prayer: "Well said Jason. People, if God is a God that changeth not, why do you think he would say in one text women should not be Pastors..."

Blessing my brothers and sisters... Where does the Bible says specificly that women should not be pastors?

I'm sure if it was a clear verse saying that specificly it would have been presented already and this discussion wouldn't be. From what I understand it base on examples from the Bible. True, priests were only male, true, Jesus choose males as apostles and used them as His mouth piece.

But we all agree GOD has used women in the Bible to teach HIS Word, HE choose a women in EGW to be HIS mouth piece, to teach, preach, be a leader to HIS people, HIS last day Church.

Yes, we agree she didn't strive for any title, only the messenger of GOD. But the fact remains that she was a leader (Christ in her) of the SDA Church, her writings trump any male ordained pastor. What makes her GOD given mission different from those of the apostles which were males?

Sister Janny asked, why do women preach in church, when the Bible says women should be slilent? We can discuss what the verse is saying deeper, but No one believes a women should be slilent when spreading the gospel, everyone here agrees a women can teach, preach, be an elder in the Church. It's just the ordination part in regards to being a pastor. EGW wasn't ordained as a pastor in the SDA Church, but she was in fact a pastor, teacher, preacher, a leader of the SDA Church ordained by GOD HIMSELF, despite what title man decided to or not to give her.

true ordination is acknowledging who GOD has choose already, laying hands on them and asking GOD to continue to bless them in their GOD given duty. If man chooses not to give them a certain title within the Church, then so what!!?

EGW: Both Paul and Barnabas had already received their commission from God Himself, and the ceremony of the laying on of hands added no new grace or virtual qualification."

GOD uses and ordaines men and women to preach, teach, and lead... To my pro WO brothers and sisters stop chasing the titles, if there are woman, young girls, daughters out there who feels a need and GOD has ordained you to preach and teach, to lead people to Christ, then do it. Even though the SDA Church wouldn't give a woman the title of ordained pastor and you won't be able to be a pastor of an SDA Church, that's ok... It's not about what man does and chooses, it's about what GOD does and who HE chooses.


Although Ellen White was present during the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist movement, she was not a part of its formal church leadership. Moreover, in Acts of the Apostles, she made it clear: “Pastors are needed—faithful shepherds—who will not flatter God’s people, nor treat them harshly, but who will feed them with the bread of life—men who in their lives feel daily the converting power of the Holy Spirit and who cherish a strong, unselfish love toward those for whom they labor” (526.1, emphasis added).


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