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Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ?

Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ? any ideas?

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ok, well i didnt search

Yes. And I think you will be pleased to find out Kim - that the premise of your OP is faulty. Because we as SDAs DO celebrate all of the ones you suggested. R U SDA ? OR have you just been in hiding of late? lol

@mind bender, do you celebrate christmas and easter? and the carnival in your country is different from the carnival in my country. 

Kim, we don't celebrate these pagan things and remember  not everyone here is SDA. But Ellen G White said that we should not forget  Christmas.We should  not "celebrate' as the world does. Christmas for us should be helping the less fortunate  

Christmas as a Holiday—“Christmas is coming,” is the note that is sounded throughout our world from east to west and from north to south. With youth, those of mature age, and even the aged, it is a period of general rejoicing, of great gladness. But what is Christmas, that it should demand so much attention? ... {AH 477.1}
The twenty-fifth of December is supposed to be the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, and its observance has become customary and popular. But yet there is no certainty that we are keeping the veritable day of our Saviour’s birth. History gives us no certain assurance of this. The Bible does not give us the precise time. Had the Lord deemed this knowledge essential to our salvation, He would have spoken through His prophets and apostles, that we might know all about the matter. But the silence of the Scriptures upon this point evidences to us that it is hidden from us for the wisest purposes. {AH 477.2}
In His wisdom the Lord concealed the place where He buried Moses. God buried him, and God resurrected him and took him to heaven. This secrecy was to prevent idolatry. He against whom they rebelled while he was in active service, whom they provoked almost beyond human endurance, was almost worshiped as God after his separation from them by death. For the very same purpose He has concealed the precise day of Christ’s birth, that the day should not receive the honor that should be given to Christ as the Redeemer of the world—one to be received, to be trusted, to be relied on as He who could save to the uttermost all who come unto Him. The soul’sadoration should be given to Jesus as the Son of the infinite God.1 {AH 477.3}

The Day Not to Be Ignored—As the twenty-fifth of December is observed to commemorate the birth of Christ, as the children have been instructed by precept and example that this was indeed a day of gladness and rejoicing, you will find it a difficult matter to pass over this period without giving it some attention. It can be made to serve a very good purpose. {AH 478.1}

The youth should be treated very carefully. They should not be left on Christmas to find their own amusement in vanity and pleasure seeking, in amusements which will be detrimental to their spirituality. Parents can control this matter by turning the minds and the offerings of their children to God and His cause and the salvation of souls. {AH 478.2}

The desire for amusement, instead of being quenched and arbitrarily ruled down, should be controlled and directed by painstaking effort upon the part of the parents. Their desire to make gifts may be turned into pure and holy channels and made to result in good to our fellow men by supplying the treasury in the great, grand work for which Christ came into our world. Self-denial and self-sacrifice marked His course of action. Let it mark ours who profess to love Jesus because in Him is centered our hope of eternal life.2 {AH 478.3}

“Shall We Have a Christmas Tree?”—God would be well pleased if on Christmas each church would have a Christmas tree on which shall be hung offerings, great and small, for these houses of worship. [Note: reference is made in this article to current building projects. As the principles set forth in this connection are applicable today, these specific references are left in the article.] Letters of inquiry have come to us asking, Shall we have aChristmas tree? Will it not be like the world? We answer, You can make it like the world if you have a disposition to do so, or you can make it as unlike the world as possible. There is no particular sin in selecting a fragrant evergreen and placing it in our churches, but the sin lies in the motive which prompts to action and the use which is made of the gifts placed upon the tree. {AH 482.1}
The tree may be as tall and its branches as wide as shall best suit the occasion; but let its boughs be laden with the golden and silver fruit of your beneficence, and present this to Him as your Christmas gift. Let your donations be sanctified by prayer.9 {AH 482.2}
Christmas and New Year celebrations can and should be held in behalf of those who are helpless. God is glorified when we give to help those who have large families to support.10 {AH 482.3}

i agree with this jason. thanks 4 sharing

Should the tree be placed only on christmas, as this can signyfy to others that it is in celebration of the season?


I do not celibate Easter, but do celibate Christmas. This is because while Christmas can be made about nothing, but Christ in spite of the traditions that come with it. (I can easily cut out Santa..ect..) I tell my kids that the presents represent not only the way God wants us to put others before our selves, but the gift He gave us, I have even found a great symbol in the Christmas tree... In that the tree before it is decorated represents us dead in our sin with no root, and that the red ornaments symbolize the blood of Christ, the blue His law, the purple His majesty / His adoption of us, white His purity, the lights on the tree the robes of light we will receive, and the angel on the tree represents the one assigned too watch over us. I can not however do that with the Easter bunny, and the eggs.... Too blatantly pagan...

We also don't do Valentines day, or St. Patric's, because these are to honor Catholic saints.

Hope this helps...

P.S. One Christmas tradition I like is having my kids spend some of the Christmas money set aside for their own presents buying gifts for the Christmas Angel program, for those less fortunate. I am very proud of them.. Kids can be surprisingly generous if given the chance! :0)

Adventists, historically, at least, never celebrate(d) these things sister. Many do, but ignorantly. The reason is because they are Pagan in origin - this is not a very hard issue to understand.


Now I say "Adventists" but I am taking about anyone who knows the origin of these celebrations because I received an email from a Pentecostal friend of mine around Christmas telling me about the Pagan origins.


So it is really about those who care - many don't. But personally, I don't want to celebrate anything that has its roots in Paganism,


some adventist does just get caught up in these worldly things, trying to follow the world

i agree with u. i dont celebrate these neither. i just wanted to know the views of others on this site. blessings :)

humm very unbelievable!!!

@ leslie. why you said that?


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