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Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ?

Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ? any ideas?

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So, really, this is talking about Christ's birth as the event folks should not be narrow minded enough to overlook simply due to time uncertainty.


So, it doesnt even touch on the subject if your talking about the commercial machine Christmas has become.


Pastor Nelson did a good sermon about this. ARE we really the "counter-culture" Christianity should be, if we throw ourselves into the culture of the masses, at the VERY time we SHOULD be HONORING the SACRED event of Christ's birth? 

The point was that we are OBLIGATED to BE different... BECAUSE of Christ. So WHY BECOME one with the world, THEN of ALL times?? I just ask ya??


And I must say, in my defense, I dont feel narrow minded.. But then again, my vision must be narrow, in a way, cause Jesus Christ is One among many in this world today, and I MUST be focused.. I can take opposition, it just makes me sad for the opposition that they dont want to seperate from the world. I am not perfect and do fear for my own soul because I have not seperated from it like I KNOW I MUST..


But, I do not deny that I must..

so does it mean its right to observe christmas because of this quote

mind bender


No, my brother


It just means that Ellen White said that we should be careful not to neglect such a wonderful opportunity to draw people to Jesus, seeing as they are - for want of a better term - 'tuned in'


She warns strongly against the *celebration* mentality that the world has.

Exactly Gabriel. In fact - she told us that each and every congregation should celebrate Christmas. Not only is it our 'right' to observe Christmas - Sister White  instructed us to do so.

in that case brother i do believe JESUS was a bit narrow minded too GOD BLESS

Christmas and Easter remain pagan Festives. Actually they are christenised pagan celebrations, i think we should abstain from all appearance of evil. They are not Bibilical, So Adventists should be worried about their inner persons and the great commission not these pagan festives

Hey - if the pagans are celebrating the birth of Jesus - then lets all join in - in praising God for what the celebration of Christmas does for our neighbors.


Yes Kristina - it IS funny.

It's kinda like - If my birthday is April 6. And I have some people come to me and say - "You can't celebrate April 6 as your birthday - there is a pagan down the road that has been celebrating April 6 as his birthday for 22 years before you even came along. What's wrong with you man - don't you know that April 6 is a pagan holiday? Get with it."

so you are suggesting that the 25th of December is Christ birthday ? This is contrary to the prophet view 

The twenty-fifth of December is supposed to be the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, and its observance has become customary and popular. But yet there is no certainty that we are keeping the veritable day of our Saviour’s birth. History gives us no certain assurance of this. The Bible does not give us the precise time. Had the Lord deemed this knowledge essential to our salvation, He would have spoken through His prophets and apostles, that we might know all about the matter. But the silence of the Scriptures upon this point evidences to us that it is hidden from us for the wisest purposes. {AH 477.2}

Does this sounds like celebration to you ?

Yesterday was Christmas. Did you do as the Wise Men did by offering your gifts to Jesus? Or has the enemy changed the order of things, and directed the worship to himself? The gifts are now bestowed upon friends instead of Him who has made so great a sacrifice for us. All the gifts should flow in another channel, where they could be used in the salvation of men. {UL 374.2}

I have said to my family and my friends, I desire that no one shall make me a birthday or Christmas gift, unless it be with permission to pass it on into the Lord’s treasury, to be appropriated in the establishment of missions.7 {AH 474.1}

Christmas—a Time to Honor God—By the world the holidays are spent in frivolity and extravagance, gluttony and display.... Thousands of dollars will be worse than thrown away upon the coming Christmas and New Year’s in needless indulgences. But it is our privilege to depart from the customs and practices of this degenerate age; and instead of expending means merely for the gratification of the appetite or for needless ornaments or articles of clothing, we may make the coming holidays an occasion in which to honor and glorify God.6 {AH 480.3}
Christ should be the supreme object; but as Christmas has been observed, the glory is turned from Him to mortal man, whose sinful, defective character made it necessary for Him to come to our world. {AH 480.4}

I don't have any idea when Christ's earthly birthday was. It simply does not matter to me. And I don't see that it has any bearing on the discussion.

lol you are one  'funny' dude

You said 'I don't have any idea when Christ's earthly birthday was. It simply does not matter to me. And I don't see that it has any bearing on the discussion

really? we are talking  about Christmas ? hello! Christmas, does this ring a bell?


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