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Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ?

Why dont Adventists celebrate/take part in: Christmas, Carnival, Easter etc ? any ideas?

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I wish I was good at knowing which books were used... But I remember reading about how Ellen White is okay with Christmas... sure maybe not with santa decs etc but I read she was okay with the Christmas tree but just personally preferred it decorated with money offerings for the poor. and I read she was okay for the Christmas tree placed in the church. I have so many Ellen White books, but unfort hard to rem book, page number etc... if anyone knows where its found - feel free to mention here thanks :)

I have two athiest young adult children - i know they will be turned off God even more if I did not even do some nice simple things for Christmas. I don't spend heaps of money on it. But just do the tree dec, and have a meal for lunch, send out cards esp to non believers as they do the christmas card thing... naturally if I believe God does not want me to do this anymore I would stop regardless about my kids and others because God comes first! am not really sure yet if have to stop doing it altogether. I mean - surely we can still send a card - as its really just saying Happy Holidays at this time to people we care about. and what is wrong with having a meal with them for that day if they celebrate it. I think damage will be done and put non believers off God even more if we can't even do simple things like this. 


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