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I went to the World Harvest Outreach Church SDA Church with my family.  Doug Batechelor was preaching there.  So far, okay, right.  Wrong.  I use a Walker for my OPMD.  I tried to follow my family, because I didn't want to lost in the crowd.  I was kicked in the wheels of my walker, shoved, pushed in front of and even struck by fellow Adventists, and had to find a method of escape to avoid the constant selfish beating.  Then, I went to the parking lot, and several people, some of who were giving that beating, were sitting in the handicapped parking lot eating, while not being handicapped.   I challenged them on it and got flippant answers, until I threatened to call the police.  However one lazy non-handicapped man, whose TX License plate is: 7DV NFZ, in a Blue Toyota Matrix.  Then someone took the time scratch up our car.  When we dropped by the local church, to resolve an issue of my son being picked on and austricised my son, his grandmother started cussing everyone out.  I said, I was tired of the Anti-Semitic nonsense, and I would leave before I said something I would regret.  It was being hashed out with the Pastor until this woman got in my wife's face and screamed at her and made her cry.  Livingston, SDA Church.  My daughter was crying, so I went back in and yelled at the lady not to ever yell at my wife and make her cry.  Then she put her finger in my face and called me a 'Nigger'.  That devolved into me calling her an Anti-Semitic Bitch.  Then the Pastor's wife told me I was the problem and to leave.  So, I told them, 'Fine, I have taken two beatings from Adventists today, I renounce you and this religion!' and left.

I don't want to be an Adventist anymore.

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You need to baptize your tongue lol. On a more serious note, We should die to self. The reason we feel offended when our 'rights' have been violated is because we are still full of self.

Also a true Christian will not leave church because of others​. It's like the lady who says she won't go to church because there are too many hypocrites ​there when if she when she would only be adding another​ hypocrite. If our religion is dependent on what others do then hell is our destination.

Mahatma Gandhi — 'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.'

And this is true. The majority of Adventists are not saved, they make up the mixed multitudes...

Have you ever received a physical beating at church.  I now can say I have, as a handicapped man no less.  I suppose you are single, so I guess you don't know what it is like to have your family verbally assaulted in Church, by supposed leaders?  If so, tell me my feelings are wrong.  All in one day.  Tell me why I should even want to be an Adventist if such things can be 80 miles of each other in the same day.

I know that the devil is alive and well, he knows how to press our buttons​, he has been studying us for 6000 year and studying you from birth. Christ is calling you to concur self, remove anti-Semitism from your vocabulary

A religious experience is gained only through conflict, through disappointment, through severe discipline of self, through earnest prayer. The steps to heaven must be taken one at a time, and every advance step gives strength for the next. CT 100
Many who profess the name of Christ and claim to be looking for His speedy coming, know not what it is to suffer for Christ’s sake. Their hearts are not subdued by grace, and they are not dead to self, as is often shown in various ways. At the same time they are talking of having trials. But the principal cause of their trials is an unsubdued heart, which makes self so sensitive that it is often crossed. If such could realize what it is to be a humble follower of Christ, a true Christian, they would begin to work in good earnest and begin right. They would first die to self, then be instant in prayer, and check every passion of the heart. Give up your self-confidence and self-sufficiency, brethren, and follow the meek Pattern. Ever keep Jesus in your mind that He is your example and you must tread in His footsteps. Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame. He endured the contradiction of sinners against Himself. He for our sins was once the meek, slain lamb, wounded, bruised, smitten, and afflicted. {EW 113.2}

Here is a powerful quote, ponder on it. " It is the love of self that destroys our peace. While self is all alive, we stand ready continually to guard it from mortification and insult; but when we are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God, we shall not take neglects or slights to heart. We shall be deaf to reproach and blind to scorn and insult.—Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, 16 (1896). {2MCP 631.4}
Says the apostle: “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” Those who are dead to self will not feel so readily and will not be prepared to resist everything which may irritate. Dead men cannot feel. You are not dead. If you were, and your life were hid in Christ, a thousand things which you now notice, and which afflict you, would be passed by as unworthy of notice; you would then be grasping the eternal and would be above the petty trials of this life. {2T 425.1}

Sorry, I cannot justify this constant pernicious sin and demonic activity that seems to have invaded our churches.  It is time for revival or separation.  And frankly, I could care less which as my sore body can testify to that still aches from the beating I received in the house of my supposed brothers.  The second church has become so wicked that the lights turn off by themselves, doors open and close by themselves, and there have been demonic sightings in the attic.  God has abandoned them, and so shall I.

Brother Heisenberg, if it means anything, I apologize on behalf of those who did this and say it could have been me had it not been for Christ saving me. Your story pains me to see how people treat each other especially someone with a disability. What a poor reflection of the loving Lord we claim to serve! Clearly, that behavior is not Christian, let alone Adventist. Even then, I would not leave the church if I were in your place (hard to imagine as it is). Stay around. Perhaps God will give you the grace to witness these same brethren turn around like Joseph's brothers, or Saul (Paul) after the stoning of Stephen.

My wife is trying to convince me to go to another Church 60 miles away.  I may consider it depending on the responses I get from the Church responsible in Houston, or the Conference.  If I don't I will be taking a hiatus from Church altogether to lick my wounds.  In some cases literally.

I'm sorry about the way you were treated Heisenberg. What you can do is pray for the people who hurt you in that church. That will remove any feelings of unforgiveness or resentment in your heart, if there be any; and your prayers can bring them to Christ. Those people who harmed you are not converted yet (and Paul from the Bible also persecuted God's people. Manasseh was even worse and God changed their hearts)

I must say how much I appreciate this discussion. It really helped me with something I am facing right now, at this very moment. Especially Jason's replies. Thanks a lot Jason and Heisenberg.

This is the first time I've heard anything like that from the adventist church. I think it's the strangest thing I've heard all year. The Spirit of Prophecy said that even if we see these things happening in the Church, The Church Still Stands (even if some of our own leaders turn against us) The Chaff has to be separated from the wheat. And according to this sermon  99% of the church members has to be shaken out. The majority of true Christians are in the other denominations, and not in the SDA church. They will fill the church after the chaff has been removed from us.. So don't give up on the Church :) probably you could find another adventist church with nicer people? There are nice people everywhere! God will give you strength (Joy) and He will Guide you in the way you should respond to this situation.

Nice thoughts Janny. It's good of you to be kind and considerate when someone has been hurt.
Heisenberg: Have a house church (fellowship) like in the Book of Acts. You don't have to drive anywhere except towards God in heart. God's work is needed every where.


But Dan, how can you apologize for one half of a story? The pastor’s wife may have been correct, Heisenberg (Daniel) could have been at fault here. It sounds as if he wants people to pay him extra attention because of his condition.

Maybe he should think about his own actions, and pray for himself. Maybe if he stop taking picture of other people parking habits he’ll be better off.


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