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I went to the World Harvest Outreach Church SDA Church with my family.  Doug Batechelor was preaching there.  So far, okay, right.  Wrong.  I use a Walker for my OPMD.  I tried to follow my family, because I didn't want to lost in the crowd.  I was kicked in the wheels of my walker, shoved, pushed in front of and even struck by fellow Adventists, and had to find a method of escape to avoid the constant selfish beating.  Then, I went to the parking lot, and several people, some of who were giving that beating, were sitting in the handicapped parking lot eating, while not being handicapped.   I challenged them on it and got flippant answers, until I threatened to call the police.  However one lazy non-handicapped man, whose TX License plate is: 7DV NFZ, in a Blue Toyota Matrix.  Then someone took the time scratch up our car.  When we dropped by the local church, to resolve an issue of my son being picked on and austricised my son, his grandmother started cussing everyone out.  I said, I was tired of the Anti-Semitic nonsense, and I would leave before I said something I would regret.  It was being hashed out with the Pastor until this woman got in my wife's face and screamed at her and made her cry.  Livingston, SDA Church.  My daughter was crying, so I went back in and yelled at the lady not to ever yell at my wife and make her cry.  Then she put her finger in my face and called me a 'Nigger'.  That devolved into me calling her an Anti-Semitic Bitch.  Then the Pastor's wife told me I was the problem and to leave.  So, I told them, 'Fine, I have taken two beatings from Adventists today, I renounce you and this religion!' and left.

I don't want to be an Adventist anymore.

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Wonder if this is anyone on these forums...

Very few people are conscious of how their actions affect other people,  When Jesus is living in the heart we are careful how our actions and words affect others. Also there is a lack of respect for others. I am sorry to hear you experienced the inconsideration of some people. I use a cane and have a handicapped sticker so I can understand your reaction. There is no excuse for anti Jewish behavior.  Doug B is part Jewish. When the Lord looks at us all He sees is our heart. May the peace that passeth all understanding be in your heart and comfort you. Jesus loves you. Stay close to Him.

I know He does.  And I think you and I can understand each other pretty well, as being part of the handicapped community.  Before I was handicapped, I made sure I took good care of handicapped people and would have never considered treating them that way in a million years.  My mother was handicapped most of my life, so I was already sensitive to the issue.  Being handicapped myself, I am even more of an advocate for the handicapped.  I know Doug is half Jewish, I am 25 percent, which is how I inherited the disease.  I have nothing against Doug whatsoever.  None of this is his fault in any way shape or form.  He is my favorite speaker, and that is why I was there.  I donate to Amazing Facts regularly simply because of him.  This was in no way Doug's fault.  I blame the Church Members and the event coordinator who had Deacons and Security there and allowed it to happen.  There was nothing Doug could do about being mobbed.  Doug and Lyle Albreict are my favorite men of God.  I had the pleasure of meeting Lyle before at another Camp Meeting and that one was conducted with civility and grace.  Well, except for the local man who was dressed in rags that they ignored in violation of the admonition of Hebrews.  Not to brag, but, I chose him for a prayer partner in a class, when no one else would get near him.  The man was moved to tears that someone would get near him.  That is what God is and Camp Meetings are supposed to be about.  They were selling food items in their Library and he eyed the wares, and turned away like he could not afford it.  This is before I became handicapped,  I chased after him, and said, 'Sir, excuse me, sir-I have too much of this, would you like a bag,' That way I could keep his dignity in tact rather than treat him like a smelly homeless guy by the side of the road that most people ignore.

I do not say this to brag, I am saying this is the contrast between the two Camp Meetings.

God bless you for your kindness. People are pretty kind and helpful to me where I live. I also have taken care of handicapped people in the past. I like Doug's sermons too.

Yea, Adventists are generally nice people

I'd  like to meet some.

I know many kind Adventist's including close friends who I talk to often. I have seen the love of God in many believers of all persuasions, irregardless of denominations, it has to do with the heart of the person that determines goodness or evil emigrating. The spirit of God tends to cause people towards goodness and demons tend towards evil. Renewed mind has a lot to do with it, and the desire and commitment to do good for others through Jesus Christ. It is love of God and love for God and His people that is supposed to motivate us.

Listening to the voice of The Lord and obeying it is paramount. That I said what all great people of God have done, believe God communicates, listen and obey.

Prayer with understanding and prayer in the spirit (speaking in tongues) are both supposed to be two way communication with God. We are supposed to get revelation from God on a regular basis, but the church does not teach that. They teach to pray but no specifics. If believers trusted God more, believed more, loved with compassion more, walked by the spirit more, understood more, we wouldn't have as many problems and would be rejoicing in the Lord with people getting blessed and delivered and healed more and more like in Acts.

Read Acts, they had far less Word of God, none of those believers had what we have, a book with God's Word collected and portable. The scriptures were Old Testament kept on huge scrolls in the synagogue that were took years of hand copying to produce.

What was it that the believers had. It was the spirit of God and the power of God in manifestation and their testimonies that they shared and the message that Jesus Christ is the messiah and that God raised him from the dead. Any scriptures or revelation was believed and acted on, word was memorized.

They lived the Word, God worked in them mightily. We have way more just written Word than they had. But they trusted and believed God more with less and we have the Whole Old and New Testaments as well as the 9 manifestations of Holy Spirit as they had by the spirit, but most don't believe it or want it or are waiting for the gift that they already got, the holy spirit with the 9 manifestations that come with the gift.

If we want to see Book of Acts type God's power, love and deliverance we must Brlievr and act on an accurate knowledge and understanding of the written Word and listen for the revealed Word. The Acts believers spoke in tongues, interpreted and prophesied, hearing direct inspiration of God by people speaking.

The Word was mostly spoken, as well as revelationreceived by the spirit. Without following the first century church principles, believers will see little of God's will and deliverance. God wants to be believed and acted upon, not just talk only, deceiving ourselves...
I tried to correct errors and it wouldn't allow it, so I hope you can get through what I am saying?

No worries James I think we understand we must speak in tongues to be able to be saved according to your Gospel. And woe to the one who do not displays the 9 gifts of God. As he must be condemned to the eternal flames, because he is not worthy. 

Have you ever heard about God's grace? How about the thief on the cross? Did he display the 9? Christ said he would be in the Kingdom did He not? 

2Co 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.



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