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It is not your fault, Clark and company, that people gravitate to the less stellar postings.


You give us options to talk about health and fitness, about culture varieties. You offer us a place to blog. You offer MANY, MANY ways TO BE uplifting..


If you feel the group, as a WHOLE, ( and yes, this IS the plea for the 10 righteous men in Sodom !!) is not taking advantage of the edification more than the antagonism, then maybe you are right to take it down.


I would guess, though, that there are a silent majority who just utilize the niceness of the site.. The other little groups. Like the ones I am a member of.. And to my shame, NOT active in.. Instead, I am active in trying to keep the water clear..


But, how clear WAS the water Jesus was swimming in? It IS a tough time to try to gain a real spiritual experience.. No matter where you go, errors abound, and we must ALL know where we stand and WHY we stand there..


If you shut down this site, there really are many who will be adrift in thier own personal little space.. At the mercy of such places as Spectrum. Which seems to be slovenly, at BEST, in upholding our faith and doctrines. THAT would be a shame.


This site really is a haven amidst the other offerings I have found. That IS why I come here..


Lately all the seemingly sympathetic postings as to the homosexual agenda, and the political world being the hotbed it is these days, these LAST days, it just kinda got even hotter somehow..  :)


To a lot of us, it seems, our moorings and foundations are being shaken, and we are getting a little protective of them..


So, please, folks, dont take yourselves away.. I believe most of us DO appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I believe a lot of friendships would be uncerimoniously torn from us. I know I, personally, am engaged in some GOOD discussions, ON-GOING discussions, of inestimable value that I would HATE to lose!!


Now that the ice has been broken on this last issue that is front and center for the world right now, it seems that I am finding more REALLY relevant and edifying comments that I can relate to, or that I can discuss..

 I hope the subtle wearing away of our sense of the Holy does not escalate, and I DO know that you all are doing a larger work than just the hot topics that come about now and again..

I also think that we as a group, should examine, personally, our own need or at least our own motivating factors, for commenting on posts we see are hot..

 And the ones who post topics that SEEM to support an agenda that goes against the collective grain of the site, should accept that appearances count..


A lot of changes could be made,if a lot of people will take a good long look at thier hearts, alongside of the Holy Spirit, and plumb those depths, and lose those unwanted motivators.. We CAN live in love..


I accept that that IS the intent of this site..

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I agree with my daughter, Debbie, there is so much I won,t even go in the site. Hope Mr.Clark that you can stay on here, it helps me a lot.

I agree with Debbie and I think she makes a good appeal in this post.


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