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Romans 5:3

I have a question regarding gratitude in general:

According to atheists, to whom must we be grateful toward? If we learn to recognize nothing in return for our blessings, then how are we capable of being grateful - who would we thank?!
Someone who is greatly blessed in this world may never feel the need of being grateful for anything, and that's a personal decision that must be respected! What about the rest of the 99% of the world who can't even afford a computer to read this though? People like that have no other choice but to accept a faith in order to find meaning in life (see Romans 8:24).

As a result, it is vital then to not fully indulge in the concept of, "Survival of the fittest," because then all of those who do not see themselves lesser than you will in fact do anything in their power to overcome you...ANYTHING! No wonder there are so many wars today, and some blame it on religion.. -_-

You see, true religion praises love and truthfulness. Science exalts violence, the fact that there is no such thing as "evil" according to its engineered concepts.

It's okay to believe in what you want, as long as your spiritual standard does not excuse malice, and implements morals that express good-will toward men.

Save your soul by saving others.
If some of us have all that we could ever ask for already, then perhaps we lack the inspiration to continue to do good. If so, the only way to cure this is to spend time with those who do not have what you have. And this is not done only by works, but also by saving souls. After all, aren't we all thankful that God saved us through His Son?

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