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I see so many people that become very hard to live with when they start reading Ellen White's writings. Some become horrible to live around and seem to lose any joy they previously had. They actually become miserable. One who helped lead me to Christ actually came to the point where he said he could no longer even talk to me because I was unclean. It seems like something clicks in their heads and they no longer know how to enjoy fellowship. The last thing he ever said to me was...  If you are going to be one of God's chosen, you have to be perfect... 

Anyways, God is good... 

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People become like that when they read the Bible as well. This occurs when the Bible and SOP is read without inviting the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

True ZJ,

"There is much reading of the Bible that is without profit and in many cases a positive [i.e. a definite] injury.

When the word of God is opened without reverence and without prayer; when the thoughts and affections are not fixed upon God, or in harmony with His will, the mind is clouded with doubts; and in the very study of the Bible, skepticism strengthens." (Steps to Christ p.110)

All inspired work carries this danger. It is a very real danger.

We will injure [even cripple] ourselves (and others,) with the "sword of the spirit" if we swing it around, not really knowing what we are doing.

Thanks for those quotes.

You search the Scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life, but these are they which testify of me...

In other words people often study the Scriptures  to find out what they have to do to be saved (focus on personal behaviors)  instead of beholding Christ. 

There is question whether or not Ellen White wrote Steps to Christ or not.

Or taken completely out of context.  The desire should not be made to fit the Bible, but the Bible should mold our desires.  Much like in science the conclusion should be made, and then trying to force the experiment to meet the conclusion.  Much like what has been done with evolution.

An interesting discussion.  So you run into the Sister Sterns and Brother Bonkers too?  I thought I was the magnet that drew them.

I agree with much of what has been said here.  On the contrary, I found EBW as a later in life Adventist to illuminate the Bible, and provide tips for life and living.  She appeared to be very level-headed and an inspiration to me.

I understand what you mean.

Thanks David.  I too am a first generation SDA...  I hear horror stories of how some people were raised with "Mrs White says" and it alienated them from God.  What is it that causes people to think this is God's way of sharing the Gospel?  It is a sickening phenomenon. 

I have no idea why people think that "Mrs. White says" would be a good way of sharing the Gospel.  She, herself, said that the best way would be to spread the word through the Health Ministry, and indeed my training in that area has been one of my most cherished assets.

God is good 

Isn't that a tautology?


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