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I see so many people that become very hard to live with when they start reading Ellen White's writings. Some become horrible to live around and seem to lose any joy they previously had. They actually become miserable. One who helped lead me to Christ actually came to the point where he said he could no longer even talk to me because I was unclean. It seems like something clicks in their heads and they no longer know how to enjoy fellowship. The last thing he ever said to me was...  If you are going to be one of God's chosen, you have to be perfect... 

Anyways, God is good... 

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I have found that the most disturbing trend among that group is they teach earned salvation by works.  Having that seared into me by this message by these folks, it took me years and years to untangle those "Christmas Lights".  I see a lot damage regarding that in the Church with people doubting their own salvation.  It is why I have preached from the Bible to end this needless doubt in Christ's salvation through faith and grace, so no one may boast.

It does seem like they get it the wrong-way around.  It should be faith and grace first, then from that flows the good works.  I see that not everyone apparently has the "gift of teaching" when it comes to the Bible.

This site have sgood lrvel of EGW readers but very clear is under the ideal! 

Reading her books cant make nobody superior to others but increading the knoelodge make u more critical due your increasing understanding! Then the big difference of information gap among who dont read amd whom reads van even bring controversy   ..seems too critical due the standards kept from bothsifes sems crucial

May I wrong but the life shown me in this way!

We don't go into Heaven in groups, We go into Heaven or not, as individuals.  Some people are just further down the path than others (or think they are), or perhaps they have found a possum trot lane and thought it was the path.


The only folks I meet that get that way are the ones who neglect their Bibles and eventually replace them with other material. It doesn't have to be particularly Sister White even. I believe many SDA's will be shocked to hear "depart from me you workers of iniquity". They filter everything they read from the Bible through the interpretation of someone else instead of understanding that God wants to speak to each one of us "HIMSELF" through "HIS WORD" not the next person He has spoken to. Praise God for SOP and Sister White's ministry but you are as much of interest to Him as Sister White and He is as willing to teach you through the indwelling Spirit as anyone else. So give due diligence my friend to the Scripture first! and may God RICHLY bless you.

Too true, although I find that Mrs. White's writings amplify the Bible for me, and give more layers of meaning.  Her life also set before me a meaningful, willingness to be with God, but to respect others. Even others of other faiths, creeds, and dietary habits.

Well said bro Jim! Its all right! I insist that due our human being some of us want the things easier as looks like in SoP instead digging deep on bible! Lol
For some of us, the Sop seems easier than bibe! But the Sop itself told us the that sop only exist not to be essier but to lead us to bible in a ""berean" atitude!

I agree, many Adventist use Ellen White to support their desire to hate others. They also love that they have a prophet that tells them what to do in every circumstance. These people are not Christians, they are members of their own exclusive club. They to not value character, or express Christ love through service. They would rather look down on others and use Ellen White to support their sin.

Herbet I agree with you but while being  a student of the Bible I have also found many words of encouragement and hope in the writings of EG White.

Hello ZJ


I agree that Ellen White has some good things to say. However, as she is currently used by the church it is a hinderance to Spiritual Growth. Many Adventist refuse to consult the Holy Spirit and other deny that the Holy Spirit even exists. Instead they use Ellen White as an answer to all questions and treat her as if she is the infallible voice of God. As a progressive Adventist I do not consider her to be a Prophet, but do appriciate her dedication and desier to serve. Many of her words can be used for Spiritual growth if the Holy Spirit guides the reader to truth.


H. Leon Bryan

I regard her as a Prophet for her time and day, and as a Prophet when she was speaking specifically of those things received of God, I would expect her to be infallible.  Why?  Because it was God and she was only the conduit as his Prophet.  However, those things where she did not cite God as her source, then I would say she was speaking as a Founder of the Church.  I too appreciate her dedication and desire to serve.


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