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I see so many people that become very hard to live with when they start reading Ellen White's writings. Some become horrible to live around and seem to lose any joy they previously had. They actually become miserable. One who helped lead me to Christ actually came to the point where he said he could no longer even talk to me because I was unclean. It seems like something clicks in their heads and they no longer know how to enjoy fellowship. The last thing he ever said to me was...  If you are going to be one of God's chosen, you have to be perfect... 

Anyways, God is good... 

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Your Spirit is very judgmental. Have you ever considered that Christian Character does not include a judgemental nature. Perhaps you need to stop defining Adventist and begin to understand your relationship with Christ.



Are you not judging me brother? 

she never claimed to be prophet, why do you call her one?

Why have I not claimed to be a prophet?—Because in these days many who boldly claim that they are prophets are a reproach to the cause of Christ; and because my work includes much more than the word “prophet” signifies.{1SM 32.4}
When this work was first given me, I begged the Lord to lay the burden on someone else. The work was so large and broad and deep that I feared I could not do it. But by His Holy Spirit the Lord has enabled me to perform the work which He gave me to do. {1SM 32.5
I am now instructed that I am not to be hindered in my work by those who engage in suppositions regarding its nature, whose minds are struggling with so many intricate problems connected with the supposed work of a prophet. My commission embraces the work of a prophet, but it does not end there. It embraces much more than the minds of those who have been sowing the seeds of unbelief can comprehend.—Letter 244, 1906 (Addressed to elders of the Battle Creek church; See Selected Messages 1:34-36.).{3SM 74.4}

Do you feel she passes the tests of a true prophet? There were many others who clamed to be prophets at the time she started. Is there just one prophet for the end time, or will there be others, Of course now our " prophet" is no longer living. What happens now?

The person of the prophet is not that important but what he/she wrote is. 

So did she claim it? 

@Jason - "..... Progressive Adventists are not real SDAs ..."

How do you come to that conclusion Jason ?

Compare the two and see whether the so called 'progressive' is real. 

True Adventist 

  1.  The Seventh-day Adventist Church  Protestant Christian  denomination distinguished by its observance of Saturday,  the original seventh day of the Judeo-Christian week, as the Sabbath,
  2. emphasis on the imminent second coming (advent) of Jesus Christ
  3. Christian teachings such as the Trinity and the infallibility of Scripture
  4. Distinctive teachings include the unconscious state of the dead 
  5. The church is also known for its emphasis on diet and health, its "holistic" understanding of the person, its promotion of religious liberty, and its conservative principles and lifestyle
  6. Heavenly sanctuary (fundamental belief 24)—At his ascension, Jesus Christ commenced an atoning ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. In 1844, he began to cleanse the heavenly sanctuary in fulfillment of the Day of Atonement
  1. Spirit of Prophecy (fundamental belief 18)—The ministry of Ellen G. White is commonly referred to as the "Spirit of Prophecy" and her writings are considered "a continuing and authoritative source of truth",[24] though ultimately subject to the Bible.
  1. Investigative Judgment (fundamental belief 24)—A judgment of professed Christians began in 1844, in which the books of record are examined for all the universe to see. The investigative judgment will affirm who will receive salvation, and vindicate God in the eyes of the universe as just in his dealings with mankind.
  2. etc..... 



 false Adventist 

Progressives typically disagree with one or more of the church's basic beliefs such as the Sabbath or "distinctive" beliefs such as the investigative judgment, the remnant, a future global Sunday-law, or a use of Ellen G. White's writings. They also tend to question some of the denomination's 28 fundamental beliefs: with debate arising on the nature of the Trinity, perpetuity of the Law of God, the Nature of Christ, the Gift of ProphecyCreation or observance of the seventh-day Sabbath."[1] It also has many similarities with the ecumenical emerging church movement which those involved in, mostly agree on is their disillusionment with the organized and institutional church.[

I regard myself as a progressive Adventist Christian and I have absolutely no issue with beliefs 1-8 neither do I have any issue with the other 20.  Other progressives that I know of also have the same regard.

so in what sense do you consider yourself  a Progressive Adventist? 

Can you prove a global

Sunday-law from the bible?


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