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Why is there so much Spiritualism on television, especially children shows?

Seriously everything is about Vampires, Werewolves, and something Witchcraft. It is in EVERYTHING. I have 3 small girls well 10, 4 and 14 months. I have had to start majorly filtering tv or movies. I always have but where Nick Jr, Sprout, and PBS Kids use to be OK. Not anymore not at all there is an AMAZING amount of magic. It is even teaching our little ones to make request from "stars" and other types of wishes or request from things that you have to "believe" in. This brand new show by the name of Tree Fu Tom actually has the kids repeat after him in these sayings and body gestures calling on magic I have one mind to truly believe he is teaching the kids to do some type of true magic pentagram stuff with their bodies or something. I have been serious about having worship with my kids and explaining why some of these things mommy is saying No they can not watch too. But I cant even believe the things I am having to explain to them. Like it is not fun to explain to a 4 yr old without scaring them that they cant sing that song or do that action because the song is literally having them request some sort of power other than God's to come within them.

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so sad

this world is not our own

and the devil takes full advantage of it

...for now

yes this is true.


Satan wants children to be engaged with his throne.


I agree with you my Friend.

It is just for now. we will take over very soon.

Just as the current in a river increases as it approaches a waterfall, so the "current" in the world will increase as we near the end. If the children are allowed to play (even in the shallows of worldliness and spiritualism), they will be in danger of getting caught in that current.

It is a terrible situation, and yes, it is true, the Adversary is targeting our children more and more directly. It will take moral courage, and active efforts on our part, to keep them from playing on the banks of that river. Once caught in the current, it is very difficult to get them back.

Oh wow such a perfect metaphor for the severity of what is taking place. I don't know if anyone on here has little ones, but I often feel alone in estimating the seriousness. Friends and occasionally my husband seem to think I am going overboard. It is never an argument or anything but I often feel like "the bad guy" when it comes to like us all hanging out on Saturday Night or something and we close out Sabbath and Here it comes, " Lets watch this new movie of some sort!" Even the most wholesome movies sometimes have to be corrupted with something and it's not just a discrepancy in beliefs that might have to be cleared up a bit it is like something huge and boiling down to witchcraft or necromancy, and I have to spoil it for all with the, "Sorry guys let's find something else a little better." There are just so many peers my oldest even goes to an Adventist Academy but it seems as though she he the only one left out of the latest shows and fads. I am a YOUNG mother I actually had her at 16 (have come a long way, praise God) but I wonder if I am over the top sometimes. I was sort of offended on the last day of school when her class did the "Harlem Shake" and would have done Gangman Style if there were time just for fun with the music and all. Then I got online and saw several "Adventist Harlem Shakes" even for the students at Andrews University. I have read poor things that suggest the intention of Harlem Shake and Gangman Style and feel it shouldn't be in the church but once again am I going overboard? I just think it is boarder line being in the world but not of the world. Well the opposite.

 TV is 99% satanic even in areas that seem ok to most.

 Remember the old " I Love Lucy show?"  This was demon inspired and yet it seemed to many like such a wholesome family show. Of course tv today is 10 times worse than it was 30 years ago. 

Gabe, I do not condemn 3ABN and Hope channel. but NCIS and Law and Order have lies in them. Like they exaggerate about Life and celebrate dearth and Blood. 

I will agree with Kevin  Here, 99% Satanic,  Buy design they have Satanic undertones,,, Here is a interesting story by DAVID GATES,  he was in I believe Florida,  A man Asked David what he did for a living he said im a Pastor.  Then David Asked what do you do for a living, He said im a witch Doctor, i cast spells, and get things done for money,  And i can take away your wife anytime i want to. David so no you cant you cant touch me,  Witch says let me ask you some questions, (1) Do you watch soap operas (2) do you watch worldly movies (3) do you ask for your sins to be forgiven. etc.etc.  All of which David answered no, And the witch doctore guess i cant touch you but usually people have one thing they give into,

So sorry to say, any of these movies give place to worldlyness, And have much idolititry in them.

 Gab you may, want to check Rom.12:2 

WHo is DaVid Gates? sorry about tHe Capitalization my keys are aCting weird. THat is interesting enougH. I wonder How that works? Although when I be Came more Conscience of wHat I viewed I noticed How evil tV truly is. If you disagree witH a certain type of sin you should not watch it or take part in it in any form of your lifestyle I think.

   Hi Becca, David Gates, has a ministry  called  GOSPEL MINITRIES . ORG  Awesome straight cut evangelist,   You can put his  name in  YOU TUBE and he has different  Meetings of all are life changing,   Two of his DVD,s woke up my whole SDA Thinking,   And when he speaks  hit hits on numerous subjects, and pretty  Much says will the real SEVENTHDAY ADVENTIST Stand...

  He has ministry work, in probably 16 countries, Unbelievable  things he has accomplished 1 Man ,  he has had colledges built,  aviation ministries,  has does not charge students for tution all his schools are free, And The Lord blesses him beyond measure, With monetary requirments,  he steped out in faith one daY Had  hardly a dime to his name, he went to purchase, a million dollar Radio station holding no money really of his own, and the last hour before they were going to take it back, i guy called him donated to whole purchase amount.  And numerous stories,  Make you realise how real God really is...

    Becca you can also access many of his great testimonies through his ministry Gospel    He has also set up medical launches on rivers, to help villiage people. Most all this is done in other countries, but his base is here in U.S.



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