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Why is there so much Spiritualism on television, especially children shows?

Seriously everything is about Vampires, Werewolves, and something Witchcraft. It is in EVERYTHING. I have 3 small girls well 10, 4 and 14 months. I have had to start majorly filtering tv or movies. I always have but where Nick Jr, Sprout, and PBS Kids use to be OK. Not anymore not at all there is an AMAZING amount of magic. It is even teaching our little ones to make request from "stars" and other types of wishes or request from things that you have to "believe" in. This brand new show by the name of Tree Fu Tom actually has the kids repeat after him in these sayings and body gestures calling on magic I have one mind to truly believe he is teaching the kids to do some type of true magic pentagram stuff with their bodies or something. I have been serious about having worship with my kids and explaining why some of these things mommy is saying No they can not watch too. But I cant even believe the things I am having to explain to them. Like it is not fun to explain to a 4 yr old without scaring them that they cant sing that song or do that action because the song is literally having them request some sort of power other than God's to come within them.

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i would have to agree.  TV and movies do not help at all...though

thanks for the advice

Spirt of prophecy erges to to Gaurd well the avenues of our soul and for parents that includes the material you let enter your home. As we continue in this sin filled world we see that the love of many has grown wax cold especially towards our children and elderly. this haghly due to the subtle messages that are brought across in movies , songs of worldly origins. Even in religious documentaries and movies as well as songs truths have been twisted so subtly but are passed by under the banner of religion. As a parent it is your duty to see that all you allow to enter your home is right and befitting for a Christian home. One simple to question to ask "Would i do such things around Jesus?" and your answer to that question would help you to discard trash and keep thing fitting for spiritual growth. It's hard i know and i myself struggle as well but in the end better lonely with Jesus than in the world and without Him,.

They are teaching it to them, much like the New Age spiritualism they are pushing on adults...


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