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what was the role of christian females in the bible?

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Support, ...behind every great man there is a great woman. 


Matthew 8:14-18Mark 1:29-34Luke 4:38-41

In the references to Peter’s nameless wife attention is focused upon her equally name-less mother. Although the Roman Catholic Church, falsely claiming Peter as its first pope, would like to discredit the fact that the Apostle had a wife, the Scripture is emphatic in its assertion that he had both a wife and that his wife’s mother, living with them, was healed by Jesus. From Paul we learn that Peter’s wife accompanied her husband on some of his missionary journeys, caring for his many needs (1 Corinthians 9:5). We do not know why the name of this noble woman who was a faithful partner of Peter during the days he fished for a living, and then during the long years of his apostleship, is hidden from us. Peter’s writings in the New Testament were written after his surrender to the claims of Christ, but behind him, as behind many men attaining eminence, is a sympathetic, discreet and understanding woman.

Naturally, Peter was an impulsive man, and had a tendency to quit when things went against him. Coming home in such a mood we can imagine how his wife would reason with him, caution him to go slowly, and encourage him to rise above trials and disappointments. In sickness she would be his comfort, as she was when her mother was stricken with fever. We are not told whether there were any children in their Capernaum home. If there were we are sure that Peter’s wife was the best of mothers. When the Apostle came to write his two epistles, and described in them ideal womanhood and wifehood, did he have before him the example of his wife, as one who was equal to, subject to, her husband, and worthy of all honor as the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:1-12)? Did she inspire Peter’s description of a modestly dressed woman who thought more of the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit than gaudy apparel? We feel that she was a most worthy wife who was willing to be hidden in order that the cause of the Master to whom Peter and she were dedicated, might be advanced and adorned.

Tradition has it that Peter’s wife was the daughter of Aristobulus, so that while Mark is described as “sister’s son to Barnabas” he was also brother-in-law to Peter. There is also a touching legend concerning Christians in Rome who ceased not to urge Peter to escape when seized and cast into prison so that he might continue to be of service to the church at large. The Apostle yielded to their entreaties and somehow escaped, but when free on the open road he was arrested by a vision of Christ, and he asked Him, “Whither art Thou going?” The glorified One replied, “I am come to Rome to be crucified a second time.” Peter, humiliated, turned back to prison. When death came, his wife was martyr first, and as she was led out to die, Peter comforted her with the words, “Remember the Lord.” When Peter’s turn came he begged his crucifiers to crucify him head downward, feeling he was unworthy to die in exactly the same way as his Lord. In heaven, Peter and his loyal wife shine together as stars for having turned many to righteousness.

where in the bible does it say ;behind every  good man is a good woman; that makes no sense ?. id like to think behind every true great man is a greater GOD :)

Read proverbs 31 

just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by any fear. 1 Peter 3:6

God is not behind 

Hello Jason

Popes had wives thus, the issue with disproving Peters wife for the Catholic church is wrong.  The last Married Pope was Adrian the II (862-876) and there have been 39 other married popes (the 39 includes Peter who the Catholic church views as the first pope.) The order of celebacy was done more for political and practical reasons rather than doctrine, which is an error the Caholic Church has made many times.


In regards to no female disciples, well none of the 12 were female, because female leaders were not acceptable to any one in Christ day. However, there were other female disciples who were ferverent followers and help grow the Christian Church immensely.




"In regards to no female disciples, well none of the 12 were female, because female leaders were not acceptable to any one in Christ day."

Do you have any Biblical foundation for this assertion 

Peter was not a pope... you seem to know a lot about the RC church and  love their 'heros' 

2 by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, 3 men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. 1 Timothy 4: 2,3

Forbidding to marry,.... Which points out not the Encratites, Montanists, and Manichees, who spoke against marriage; but the Papists, who forbid it to their priests under a pretence of purity and holiness, and at the same time allow them to live in all manner of debauchery and uncleanness; for these are the persons that forbid marriage in an authoritative way, and in hypocrisy: for that phrase is to be joined to all the sentences that follow it; as through the hypocrisy of those whose consciences are seared; and through the hypocrisy of those that forbid marriage to their priests, this being, by the common people, taken as an instance of great purity and holiness, and hereby they are drawn into the deception; as well as also through the hypocrisy of those that command 

to abstain from meats: not from some certain meats forbidden by the law of Moses, as did some judaizing Christians; but from all meats at some certain season of the year, as at what they call the Quadragesima or Lent, and at some days in the week, as Wednesdays and Fridays; and this all under an hypocritical pretence of holiness, and temperance, and keeping under the body, and of mortification; when they are the greatest pamperers of their bodies, and indulge themselves in all manner of sensuality: the evil of this is exposed by the apostle...

Hello Jason

I love any person who is willing to sacrifice for Christ regardless of denomination. Also I don't think that Peter was a pope. I was just commenting on the misinformation being presented. I know that if one basses their arguments on half-truth and lies, they are acting more out of hate and anger than love and compassion. If you are going to provide a contrast, or educate in Christ you must be careful to provide the truth. Thus, I would seek a better authority of Christian history than the historians Ellen White borrowed from. On your part there is too much information available for you to continue to cite the same sources.



Yes lies are of the devil. How many times have you lied? And can you show any evidence of lies coming from me or Ellen White?  


I have lied many times, as have you, we are both sinners. The lies and half-truths I am referring to are when you present historical information that has been altered to fit a certain point of view. The reason for Catholic celibacy is primarily political and senseless. It has caused many issues for Catholic Christians to include mass incidents of sexual abuse (pedophilia primarily.) Reading the actual history of this type of practice provides a much more honest and informed view than reading the account from biased historian.



May God bless your ignorance. Do you not know any historical account is biased in favor of who is writing it. 

Yes, so basing ones view on only one point of view would be unwise.

I see, what else would you propose?

The Catholic Encyclopedia?

A Catechism?


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