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Everywhere wherever I go.. wherever I ve been.. still same.. the racism is spread aming Sda!

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True, stereotypes are the hallmarks of racism.  As Daryl said, "White flight in area of church took place long time ago.  They all out in the suburbs shooting guns. I guess they plan to blast their way into heaven."

Exactly, crazy = racist... same thing as used by some. It is just psychology opinions. Psychology is not Christian.

Jesus loves all people we are told but not any romanist government sanctioned coveting and theft, that is multiculturalism. Christianity does unite people about who is God, but there is still a distinct African culture, Hispanic culture, Asian culture and White culture, and it is not stereo-typing rather historic fact. There are many great pastors of all backgrounds, however, when their message goes BET about rap & hip hop, which is not western culture, then this is very uninteresting to me; altho that message does need to be sent to those involved. Forgeting your distinct culture can result in a lot of cunfusion as Michael Jackson had (the black man who had plastic surgery and bleached his skin to look more white).

Multiculturalism - there are many cultures who are Christian. But factions are played off one another to destroy God's church. This is the racial aspect of Rome's fascism - multiculturalism, to including mass-immigration.

Not only do I read the Gospel, Grace, but have made several posts on the forum. Bible prophecy is the Gospel from Jesus that we may know he is God. I have not however seen any Gospel posted by You or Shannon or the person who started this thread, just gossip.

Plenty of words there to chew on. But I hope this helps you understand how the world enters the church.

Brother James what does culture have to do with Christianity ? 

Good question Jason...

If you read what was already posted the question was answered in reply, this page.

Back at you, how does the Roman Church use immigration to destroy nations?

The Mexican civil rights group LaRaza is often accused of being a racist organization as the name implies. But LaRaza would more aptly be called LaCatholic since that is what Latin immigration is about then supported by their fellow Latins in Washington DC.




Nancy Pelosi to travel to border

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will travel to the southern border of the U.S. on Saturday to be briefed by Customs and Border Protection on the flood of unaccompanied minors entering the country.

The California Democrat will also tour the South Texas Detention Facility where a group of minors are being held.

Pelosi will be joined by Democratic Reps. Filemon Vela of Texas, Rubén E. Hinojosa of Texas and Steven Horsford of Nevada. Hinojosa is the chairman of the Chairman, Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Vela sits on the House Homeland Security Committee.

An Rahm Emanuel, " Never let a good crisis go to waste." An artificially created crisis to find a problem for a solution not asked.

Just going to take a few liberties with JamesS:
Hope that is OK.

It is quite hilarious that JamesS does not include himself as an immigrant or his ancestory does not include immigrants. As far as I can tell if you are not in the garden of Eden then you must have ancestors who were immigrants at some time. Maybe the peoples that lived in America before the Europeans turned up (uninvited) had the same view as JamesS, if so maybe JamesS should consider a move back.

I actually think it is a fear of extinction. Non whites according to some figures make up around 85% of the world population. So if you were on a bus anywhere in the world, on average there would only be 7 'whites' in a 52 seater. Maths corrections accepted.

That is why JamesS is panicking, how does he intend to hold onto the power?

There is a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration.  I am all for legal immigration.  I am, not, however, for people forcing their way in ahead of those doing the right thing and demanding everything.  It is like someone breaking into your home and demanding you care for their every need and desire.  You wouldn't tolerate it.

If 30 people shoved their way in front of a group of people waiting for an opening on a release of a movie there would be a riot.  However, illegal immigration is winked a and encouraged.

I am all about doing things the right way.  I think the diversity of the world is what makes this country unique.  However, it needs to be done legally.

You really can't blame people for arming themselves. Violent crime is rampant.  Police statistics says it is going down. Maybe the ways information and news travels at lighting speed makes it look worse that it is.  I don't know.  They got roving gangs that go around robbing businesses in this area on an almost daily basis.  Not just in this area but all over Houston and in the surrounding areas.  

It happens out in the affluent suburbs like the Woodlands, and sugar land also.  No where is safe.  It is scary.

Hope all is well where you are. I live in small town Missouri, Darryl. Like most small towns all across the USA there are firearms in most every home, yet almost no crime. Very little violence. The crime and violence is found in the cities thus due to multiculturalism and especially immigration in Sanctuary Cities

The Aus and UK people try and compare their violence with the USA and conclude it is the firearms that are the problem, but they do not have the multiculturalism the USA has, especially since the 1965 Immigration Act. But with incoming Islam, a most violent culture, they too will eventually see an increase in crime and violence.

Sweden burns

I grew up in a small town.  I can't get back to it due to circumstances.  

Australia was founded on immigration, as was the USA. The UK has had 2,000 years of "multiculturalism" - even the words that you type have been affected by that same "multiculturalism". To suggest that Australia and the UK do not have the "multiculturalism" that the USA has may be right, it is not the same.

The USA is more of a segregationist society, hence talk of white, black and Hispanic conferences in the church - AFAIK the only country to divide the church on racial grounds. Which brings us back to the point that the OP raised in regard to racism.

There is nothing wrong with having a multicultural country as Canada demonstrates and there is nothing wrong with a multicultural church.

As has been pointed out at least twice already, JameS comes from an immigrant background (unless he is 100% ethnically Native American). This makes it appears that he wants to remain in the USA whilst denying others the advantages that his family have made full use of.

If one is truly against "multiculturalism" then why not return to one's ethnic country of origin, be true to what is said and reverse the tide of immigration? Of course, if everyone did that then the USA would be virtually if not completely empty. Or maybe it would just be the bigots that would leave?


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