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Everywhere wherever I go.. wherever I ve been.. still same.. the racism is spread aming Sda!

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Calling advice against inter racial marriage Racism I think you are drawing a long bow here. But as you yourself say you are a black man so you may be offended by her remarks. To me this is not racism. 


A little sensitivity here. America has a sad history on race. Blacks were treated and believed to be a lower form of humanity. At one point even Ellen White indicated that slaves could not be saved. She did see the light on this issue and reversed course. She even became a progressive advocate for equality for Black Adventist. Sadly the church rejected her influence on this matter.



I am sorry if I offended you. You are right in that the Blacks was treated inhumanly. But I do not think you can sheet home the blame for that to EGW. She may have had racist views as many others, I note you you give her some credit for making efforts to make Blacks equal to Whites.

Sadly as you note the Church was not as eager to adopt her recommendations to its shame.



Thanks, you didn't offend me, just providing clarity. European colonization often created oppression. Wealth and commerce typically trump religion and freedom. Unfortunately much of the racism in America was justified by science and religion. Unfortunately Adventist were also subject to some of this false information (like eugenics.) History teaches us that human beings are oppressive by nature. True Christianity at is core is opposed to this aspect of human nature (as indicated by the golden rule.) Therefore, we must be quick to point out inequities and unify whenever possible.


Herbert claimed, "At one point even Ellen White indicated that slaves could not be saved."

Why have you not given a source for this claim? Is it because she did not say this?

Are you actually making reference to Early Writings p.276 where she says that "some" slaves could not be saved?

"She did see the light on this issue and reversed course."

Once again, why no source? Is it because you are actually referring to the very next page in Early Writings, p.277 wherein she says that, "The last call was carried even to the poor slaves, and the pious among them poured forth their songs of rapturous joy at the prospect of their happy deliverance."

Do you have another quote that says what you claim or are you deliberately misrepresenting EGW's writings? 

Sadly I have seen him do this  many times Honesty does not seem to be his first priority.


Why have you not given he source of any of the quotes that you have used?

If you had given references would we find that any of these quotes are taken out of context?

For example, you don't mention that Grant Royston was a black man, a pastor, who was planning to marry a white woman and then move into the southern states to work the mission field. Do I really need to point out the inherent dangers of doing such a thing? You deliberately remove context (and easy access to context) to promote a less than honest representation of the facts.

Those who are offering the truth have no need to be deceitful. Sadly, this is a less than honest representation of EGW's writings. Rather rich to be asking for sensitivity whilst you distort the facts.

Thanks for your comment John. Sadly Leon newer gives any Quotes or contexts and when he uses the Bible he does not give chapter or verse. By the same time he demands that we do. 

It is amazing that he is still bothering because most of his support crowd is not here anymore. 


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