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Everywhere wherever I go.. wherever I ve been.. still same.. the racism is spread aming Sda!

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I preached on salvation today.  It took me close to 45 minutes.  There was a lot of scripture to go over.

Well said Daniel!
Gracias Daniel Clemente!
Well said Jason!

I sometimes think heaven is trying to tell me something thru tweets I see on my TL.  Here's the latest reason why I think this. Saw it this morning:

Avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, arguments, and legal battles - for they're no benefit - Titus 3:9.

What is a foolish genealogy?  What exactly does that mean?  A fool?

Psalm 14 [ To the Chief Musician. [A Psalm] of David. ] The [empty-headed] fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable deeds; there is none that does good or right. (AMP)

A fool in the Bible in general do not believe in God.


Thank you for that Bible quote and interpretation.  I did not know that interpretation.  Well, that would certainly fit most of the atheists I have met on other websites in discussions, especially as they don't see why setting up monuments and having persons certified to serve in the military as chaplains seem to be at odds with their own beliefs.


I'm not racist I'm sda...  Some maybe, but not all

Because we are literally following the Advice of Ellen White. Many have transcended her advice which was meant for her day and have embraced diversity. Yet, those that treat her as the fourth member of the God head feel as if segregation should be the standard.  SDA's are not the only Christian Church to suffer from a lack of diversity, most have historically followed the same method. God must not look favorably on such action.



EGW newer recommended Racism in fact she condemned it. 

Hello Ian

If you look at these quotes on could not definitively say  that Ellen White was an race activist.  She was an abolitionist and was an strong advocate for African American literacy.

But there is an objection to the marriage of the white race with the black. All should consider that they have no right to entail upon their offspring that which will place them at a disadvantage; they have no right to give them as a birthright a condition which would subject them to a life of humiliation. The children of these mixed marriages have a feeling of bitterness toward the parents who have given them this lifelong inheritance. For this reason, if there were no other, there should be no intermarriage between the white and the colored race."8

In reply to inquiries regarding the advisability of intermarriage between Christian young people of the white and black races, I will say that in my earlier experience this question was brought before me, and the light given me of the Lord was that this step should not be taken; for it is sure to create controversy and confusion. I have always had the same counsel to give. No encouragement to marriages of this character should be given among our people. Let the colored brother enter into marriage with a colored sister who is worthy, one who loves God, and keeps His commandments. Let the white sister who contemplates uniting in marriage with the colored brother refuse to take this step, for the Lord is not leading in this direction. Time is too precious to be lost in controversy that will arise over this matter. Let not questions of this kind be permitted to call our ministers from their work. The taking of such a step will create confusion and hindrance. It will not be for the advancement of the work or for the glory of God".9

The Colored People should not urge that they be placed on an equality with White People."5

"No one is capable of clearly defining the proper position of the colored people."6

"The work of proclaiming the truth for this time is not to be hindered by an effort to adjust the position of the Negro race."7

Following is a letter of counsel, written January 8, 1901, to a young man who entertained plans that would have resulted in an interracial marriage. Its counsels are similar to those of other communications on this matter, but Ellen White adds words that call for thoughtful contemplation:

"Do not unite yourself in marriage with a girl who will have cause to regret the step forever after. . . . O what covetous, selfish, short-sighted creatures human beings are. Distrust your own judgment, and depend on the judgment of God. Distinguish between what is pleasing and what is profitable. Do God's will submissively. . . . Following your own way and your own will, you will only find thorns and thistles."11


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