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Everywhere wherever I go.. wherever I ve been.. still same.. the racism is spread aming Sda!

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So Thomas are you saying that the blacks are more racist? 

Not trying to put the blame on anyone. I'm just stating a fact. I don't know all the whys.

But you make have a point Thomas, have a look at this short article here


At South Central Conference Campmeeting 2014 TODAY:

We started with our own Parade of Nations:  45 countries currently.

We had Hispanic, Caucasian, and our Korean SDA Church with translators.

When I was in Lake Region Conference we ALWAYS had Spanish and French churches--5-10.

Your information is conjecture and inaccurate.


Using a disgraced "pastor" and "elder" as credibility to prove your point: Worthless and hilarious!

Thank you, Darryl!

Did you discover any errors in the article Sarah? Forget the man. 

Again, because you say-so, Shannon? No truth in it.

Just because you don't mind different cultures and races in your family does not mean everyone has to, and this is not racist. There are over 300 million Americans with millions of families, whether White Black Asian or Hispanic, that are not multicultural; they are not all racist.

Immigration is a plot from Rome

The multiculturalism specifically is violent. Even if your immediate family is well adjusted, some children join gang violence in cities, such as Chicago and Compton, L.A., where the most violent of the cultures drives the others out. The most violent culture wins.

So you fail to see the big picture, as usual. This is why women are not pastors (Biblically), you have no sense of security of the family or nation, culture.

Shannon here is just filled with marxist ideals on feminism and globalism that do not come from the Bible. The universal Roman Church is global behind such plans, as proven repeatedly with links to history and politics, all Shannon has is namecalling.

This is one of many reasons SDA does not need women pastors. 


Have you read the 4 gospels in their entirety? Have you met Jesus Christ? Please spend the next Sabbath alone with the four gospels and sincerely ask Jesus to come into your heart. I pray for your baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I truly pray that you meet Jesus on your road to Damascus.

Who is this comment directed at Sister Grace D?

Amen Grace, if every Adventist followed that advice racism would no longer be a problem in the SDA church.



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