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Everywhere wherever I go.. wherever I ve been.. still same.. the racism is spread aming Sda!

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In summary yes, we are biased to say the least....racist ? Not sure what you mean by that term...

In Australia we have the white SDA church in Armidale and the Aboriginal SDA church in Armidale...Why ? I don't know

In Stanthorpe we have the European SDA church and the English speaking church .....Why ?  Well I suppose its easier to speak the language the assembly knows....that's OK I guess....

But can't we be like WIlliam Shakespeare and present our love for all works of life, in all languages a little something for everybody....

In PNG I used to preach in PNG pidgin and English at the same time, for both audiences....

Hope this helps


What nonsense is this?  I have seen it on rare occasion.  Though, what I witnessed was Colombians hating on Mexicans.  When they were missing from church for awhile and concern was shown the Colombian responded, "It doesn't matter their just Mexicans."  I am not sure how Hispanics are racist toward other Hispanics.  But, I have personally witnessed that.  I have witnessed Hispanics not wanting to be in the same building as white people, and refused to cohabitate the same church building.  I am fairly fluent in Spanish and the things they said in Spanish were pretty racist.  But, that has been the extent of my experience with racism in the Church.

Now, that I have given specifics, why don't you, OP, explain yourself with specifics.

What is this racism of which you speak?

I don't know.  Maybe he is throwing waste matter at the wall to see what sticks?

Skin color is visible example in London! I can add that is stronger from black to white than white to black !

I'm confused. Are you saying there is racism in London's SDA churches while the rest of London is tolerant? Or are you saying that London is racist all over including the SDA churches?

Would that be just a psychological assessment? Based on what, opinions?

There is racism in the Adventist church, especially on the issue of interracial dating.

Shannon, this is an issue of culture not racism just because you say-so. We saw real racism on the world stage in ww2 Germany where some were deemed lesser human. Evolution beliefs are racist. Protecting your own family and culture is not racist. Here's a professor who teaches on culture: 

Dr. Jonathan Matusitz

There is also a great deal of Biblical support in protecting ones own family, culture and nation from those who would seek to destroy by coveting and theft, even if they are professing Christians while doing so.

Interracial dating or marriage is not coveting or theft. 

I have no problem with interracial dating or marriage.  God made many beautiful women of all races.


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