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I am finding more and more that people like talking negative about our church from within. Why is this? Yes, we are in the last days. Yes, there will be some in our church that do not make a solid commitment.


But instead of talking about all the bad things that are happening in our church ... the wheat and the tares thing. Why not talk of all the positive aspects of our church and the leadership it provides. I am sure a post like this will not last long.  But why not.


Our church is growing by huge amounts. Look at what ADRA is doing around the world. Look at Maranatha. Look at how well the Hope Channel is doing. There are SO many dedicated servants of God in our churches and leadership. Look at how well President Jan Paulsen has done. It is not easy to lead a large church like our's. Look at your local pastor and all the challenges that are there and the self less way in which he or she leads.


Come on. It is time to be positive. We can if we try. I know the negative is more desireable to talk about. But put your thinking cap on. Surely you have some good things to say about your church denomination and it's people.

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To the trash talkers :

I would like to know just how far back and to what date you would like to believe in the "original" beliefs of the Seventh day Adventist Church. Truth is progressive and rightly so we see that in our church.

Do you believe in tithe? At what point would you like to go back to tithe paying . The same goes for the hours of the Sabbath. Would you like to go back to this kind of tithe paying?

The early General Conference required tithe paying as follows:

Tithe was only for members ages 18 to 60 and it was 5 cents to 20 cents for men and 2 to 10 cents for women "according to the ability of the donor". And for those who owned property it was 1 to 5 cents for every $100 of its value.

It appeared the GC was concerned with age and ability to pay tithe. It wasn't until 1879 that the actual ten percent policy was adopted by the General Conference.

They seemed more concerned with the person's ability to pay then.

Anyways ... I would appreciate a date of which we can go back and believe in all they understood. At that point then no longer could truth be progressive I assume.
Here is my list of positives for our church.

1) Youth Department of the North Caribbean Conference. They in my opinion, have run an EXCELLENT Pathfinder program. It's by far the BEST youth organization (secular and religious) in these parts. This program has given many young people a firm foundation in God, including myself. It's not easy to run a youth department for 15 different islands with different personalities and cultures and make things work. Somehow they have managed that. Also their annual Summer Youth Camp for AY aged youth, holds a special significance in the hearts of many young people both past and present. This yearly event helps our young people grow spiritually, not to mention many of us including myself have found our future husbands and wives at this event. Thanks to all the leaders both at the N.C.C. and the local islands for volunteering your time and your finances to make this youth program a blessing for us.

2) 3ABN. Good to see that our message is being sent to all the world through this medium. Even though IMO it shows a very conservative side of Adventism, it has no doubt blessed millions and brought many to know Jesus. I also know that Hope TV is out there too and I've heard its a lot more balanced but I've never seen it, and from what I gathered it has also blessed millions.

3) Jan Paulsen. This guy is a GREAT leader for the world church. Spirit filled, even keeled, humble, compassionate, moderate common sense thinking(That's key for me especially with all these sticky issues like women's ordination, music in church,worship styles etc. Imagine what the church would be like if some of those hardline conservatives or hardline Liberals were at the helm, have mercy!! ) I really liked when he took the time and had a sit down with the young people from different parts of the world. That shows me that he values our opinions, and realizes that this church needs its young people. Hopefully he is selected to lead the church again in the G.C. session.

4)Educational System. Have done a great job in preparing our young people for life on earth and in heaven. I experienced this in my four years of high school. The school didn't have all the earthly advantages like the other private and public schools, but we learned about Jesus. That little "school of the prophets" in St. Thomas has produced teachers, pastors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc. I also experienced one year at Oakwood College..nuff said!

5)Tithes and Offering. Yes I know the system isn't perfect, but I love the way the wealth is spread. No Pastors jockeying to build 50,000 member mega churches to line their pockets. (hopefully I'm right about that. lol)

6)Love the fact that our 28 Fundamental Beliefs are Bible Based and fully corresponds with the WHOLE word of God. We are spirit filled, and waiting on Jesus to come back for us.

I like to compare the SDA church to Noah's Ark. The Ark was smelly with all those animals inside, the ark was moaning and groaning as it tumbled and tossed in the raging seas. It seemed as if it would break apart, but God remembered Noah and brought the ark out of the flood safely. And just as he remembered Noah, He will remember this church, and bring us triumphantly through our storm! Stay in the ship bretheren, Stay in the ship!!
Thank you so much Kodie. I appreciate an honest look at our church. So many just want to tear down and only look at the negative side. You are a rare person to stop by here. I agree with each of your points.

And I too wish that Jan Paulsen would remain as President. But, unfortunately he will not be president again. However ... God will provide another good leader I am sure.
"Jan Paulsen would remain as President. But, unfortunately he will not be president again" Please explain. Is he already stopped working, or when is he intending to, next year????
The General Conference will be voting on another president in June. Paulsen is going to retire.
Thanks. I appreciate your level headed approach in these forums. I've always wondered how the President of the G.C. is elected. Do the aspirants campaign to get votes?
No. They are not that obvious. Others will nominate them. But if they aspire the position ... they may try to make their work worthy of such a position. Well ... that's my take.
Well stated Don. And thank you.
Where can I access Jan Paulsen sermons? His longest clip I watched was 3 minutes :-)
Brother N.Him and Sister,i am wondering now who are the children of God?????shouldn't they talk like him and do like he did??????do both of u think that "trash talkers"is a good name to those who have different opinion from urs?????is this the way Jesus used to deal with those who have different views ???do u think that a church has members call people from other views as "trash talkers"will be the bride of Jesus?????shouldn't we receive his own spirit????is his spirit to call those other views and opinions talkers as "trash talkers",i feel very sorry to know that about u.
Please,understand and be aware of what u say and do because God will bring all these things to the judgment.Agape

I want to think on the following:

Phillipians 4:8 "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things."

We have SO many good people and good things in our church that we could talk about. Trash Talking our church ... is not really edifying. And this folks is the subject of this thread. Let's try to get back to it.


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