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I have been battling for quite a few many awful things have happened in my life...this had led me feeling down and dipressed as if God was just silent and watching....I know he has his ways...but I am suffocating...I love God...I believe in Him...I know he loves me too...I feel let down

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thank you for that...It's something we all need to hear and take to heart.
Hi Mercy, i wish you the best as you start your Journey of sel-discovery and remember to give permanent thought to things that are permanent and temporal thought to things that are temporal.

Have a good day.
Dear Sis in Christ...

This is a very heavy burdens for you and your love ones.
Sis Mercy i understand how its feel to lost someone that we Love especially our parent. I lost my dad too back in year 2001. I was sad,hurt,regret,life was no use and i cry so much for loosing my belated dad whom raise me and whom i called daddy.
Loosing him is like my other shoulder was broke. I still cry when i miss him and i wish i can turn back the time and Say "I Love you so much daddy." i miss his smile,anger with me, scolded me and cook my favorite food.
But since i was battling this feeling of loosing him i've found someone that is Jesus.
And Jesus give me this promise that i'll see my daddy again when Jesus come for the second time.
It will bean audible event. The righteous dead will be resurrected and along with the righteous living caught up in the sky...1Thes4:16,17. You will meet her and your brother too. With the faith you've now will give you a chance to meet them also meet with my beloved daddy...Amen

about your niece i was so sorry for that and i'll bring in my prayer so that he will be heal soon with God grace he will be heal. Sis time like this your niece need you most. You are not alone i am with you too and so does Jesus.

Please read this for your niece Psalm 38...please mentioned his name while you're praying. I wish i was there to comfort you but there is someone there with you...its Jesus your Heavenly Father. He knows how you feel my dear.

Pray always and trust in Him...The Bible counsels us to put away childish things or hurts from chilhood...1 Cor 13:11
God knew us before we were born. He has a plan for our lives...Jer 1:5

I Love you and please take good care of your health and smile always...Gos bless
I'm starting to see the process of life much the same as being a parent.
When you're in the moment of sleepless nights, colic, teething, toilet training, and the stages go on and on, you think you'll never make it out alive. Then, that one particular stage ends and you're so relieved to be through it, almost to the point of forgetting how bad it was to you "in the moment" and are relieved to have lived through it...... BUT then the new stage starts and you're back battling the struggles of this new stage.
EVERY day is a new stage. A new stuggle. A new lesson. The real question here it, Are you learning to listen?
Psalm 119
Thanksa for this concern, God in his own time has plans and times when to do things, The bible tells us that there is time for every thing eccl:31 But he is not silent at all you may think that it has taken long before he answers "but to God a day is like thousand years and thousand years is like a day"2nd peter :3:8 so God is not slow in doing his work

dear mercy,

i often if not most of the time, notice the same thing also. 

sir james

Yes Mercy. I think many Christians ARE let down. For that is what we are called to do. SUFFER. And suffer we must. But the difference IS: One day there will be NO MORE SUFFERING. That is the promise we as Christians must hold strong to. For once the Great Controversy is finally resolved ... Will will live with Him in Paradise.


If that don't cure what ails ya ... I don't know what will !!!


Kidding aside ... I too can relate to what you are going through. And I know it's hard to keep in perspective what I have said above. I don't have it all together yet either. But I do believe that what I've said is the answer. I need to keep telling myself that anyways.


Good luck. God go with you.

Mercy. I wanted to share with you that many have the same feelings.

Habakkuk had the same struggles and thoughts.

1:2 - "O Lord, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear!  even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save."


Habakkuk is a good read. Try it.

you know the answer to your question


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