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What is this message of health reform some adventists are talking about and making people feel as though its a pre-requisit for salvation? Please enlighten me. I only know one pre-requisit for salvation and thats accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour( John 3:16). So what's this guilt trip about vegetarianism? I know that God doesn't change, he allowed them to eat meat and even Himself He ate fish, how can He now say we need to change our diet to vegetarianism? Enlighten me. Otherwise am ready to give up all for Jesus, but i wanna know the truth.. Somebody?

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Very good points!!!
I am one of these, allergic to dairy, some popular nuts, some beans, wheat and grains with gluten. I also have a mild allergy to soy so cannot take it consistently.

Amen, Barek.

This is why, among other things, we have also been given a council on country living. ie grow your own food.

Again, those who can , should. Those who cannot, should do their best with what they have.

Blessings, Scott.

Amen Shavonne.... Its only Jesus and Jesus alone...

LOL!!! True Shavonne, eating meat(unless its unclean) has nothing to do with salvation. But we should do everything that we can to make the temple of the Holy Ghost as healthy as possible. I personally eat meat sometimes but I am getting away from it bit by bit.

Happy Sabbath all.

That's a great attitude; always choose the best options when you have the choice.
Let us not take the health message for mockery.
No one here is....Let us not take the purpose of Jesus life, death, and resurrection for mockery.
Yes, I agree. It looks like just plain and simple truth. Very practical way to say it.
whaaaah i like that, you are absolutely right my brother. good day.

"Touch not the unclean thing"- New Testament


Though God does not change, man does, polution changes.


The question then, how much mercury was in fish in the days of Christ.

I would guess none.
Among my people is a humanitarian hero who speaks on this topic. She says it best, so I will share a link/website: A related article:
If anyone wants to know more she also speaks on YouTube. And if anyone prefers I can copy and paste some info for you or write to me, I can send you info.

This world is aging due to our human irresponsibility. It is diseased and dying. But take courage, Jesus died to bring us health and life. So I encourage you to be good stewards of your bodies, and of the earth environment. Do the best you can for yourself, and for others during your short life on earth. Someday He will reward you with a life that will never end and a perfect Earth ro take care od; your responsibility is called for, is needed now and only those who have learned this lesson will inherent this promise. The righteous shall inherent the Earth.


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