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What is this message of health reform some adventists are talking about and making people feel as though its a pre-requisit for salvation? Please enlighten me. I only know one pre-requisit for salvation and thats accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour( John 3:16). So what's this guilt trip about vegetarianism? I know that God doesn't change, he allowed them to eat meat and even Himself He ate fish, how can He now say we need to change our diet to vegetarianism? Enlighten me. Otherwise am ready to give up all for Jesus, but i wanna know the truth.. Somebody?

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O.K....perhaps you can "intimidate" someone who isn't a vegetarian. The Lord told us in His Word that we can eat clean meats without the blood or fat (which most do not eat anyway).  


It is such a SHAME that more threads are not focused on how to live today and minister today---how to help minister to real people instead of people sitting around with telling themselves that they all "know" their going to be translated because they are vegans. Really?  smh


Those who wanted the truth have it...and the rest of you, I will pray for while you tell yourself how much better than everyone you are.  I thanks GOD that my diet had nothing to do with any of this nor that this was not how I was introduced to being a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.



Peace?  I do not happen to be a "Vegan" but I am a Vegetarian.  However, that is not to be saved, but becasue I have choosen to allow God to control my diet and to follow His instructions.  My status of a vegetarian is because God has lead me to that position.  I have meat eating friends and the topic only comes up if they introduce it, I do not push my beleifs on them. 


Nor do I want anything I have written here to be taken as pushing a vegetarian life style.  I attempt to only deal with the issues.  Which, in this case is:

"Are we willing to do

whatever God asks us to do,

even when it makes no sense to us at all,

only because we love Him.


This is the final test we all must pass on every topic that we will encounter.  That included the area of diet too.


Maranatha :)

Hi Ray


Right.  Just like Abraham.


Take Care



Is fish flesh?

Sarah when you said "that we can eat clean meats without the blood or fat (which most do not eat anyway)."


Are you talking about SDA's or non SDA's?

Both...there are many people who choose to eat according to the scripture as the Holy Spirit leads them.  We as Seventh-day Adventists have to realize that the Lord has "7,000 that have not bowed the knee to Baal". LOL!  One of, if not the best, presentation from scripture on why people should not eat pork was preached by Joel Osteen to his megachurch (I will post really amazing).  


People have got to stop thinking that we as SDA's have a "lock-down" on healthy living.  I have been to organic and vegetarian restaurants, stores --even the local Krogers here in Nashville that was more amenable to healthful diets--without the guilt trip.  They simply believe it is personal and not a corporate decision.  So does the Lord.

probably impossible, also watch out for many non-meats.

like snack cakes (suzie q)

Hi Sarah


Does God care about or shall He have anything to do with the clothes you wear?


Does He have a best way to eat, drink, sleep, dress etc?


Does not the Maker have a say in the best way to maintain the creation?


Is He really in charge?


Does not the General have the right to command His army on the specific details of how to do battle?


Let us be as good soldiers then, and not prove ourselves traitors.

Take Care


Sarah....."without the guilt trip." Please explain. I'm trying to get a feel for what you are saying.
Sola Scriptura, W. Spence.

Yes!! Many snack cakes that are probably bad anywayz are loaded with BEEF FAT!! (Susie Q's)

Gross!!! Yes and it is true that now there is vegetable shortening, but regular shortening is fat usually pig fat.

Food is gross, lol!!!

well, once you step into a zone of doing something, like food or whatever and develope a pattern for so long, its not easy. those who are dealing with such should just pray and dont give up.


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