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God uses those who are simple or humble to confound the wise. 


  "Seventh-day Adventists have historically held that God gave three individuals visions in the early 1840s: William Foy, Hazen Foss, and Ellen Harmon.  William Foy, a black Baptist minister then in his 20s, rejected God’s command to share the visions, Adventists maintained, and so God moved on......"

The main source from which the Foy-rejection belief seemed to have sprung is J.N. Loughborough’s book Rise and Progress of the Seventh-day Adventists.  Loughborough states that Foy was an educated Mulatto from Massachusetts who was a Baptist minister soon to be ordained an Episcopal minister.[i]  The Lord gave him three visions, and Foy spoke on them wherever he was invited, donned in a clergyman’s robe.  Recounting the themes of Foy’s visions, he writes that “Having a good command of language, with fine descriptive powers, he [Foy] created a sensation wherever he went.”[ii]  Foy didn’t understand every part of his visions, but he still related them, going as far as publishing them in a pamphlet.  But alas, Loughborough writes, “He finally became exalted over the revelation, and thus lost his simplicity, hence the manifestation of this gift to him ceased, and soon after he sickened and died."

I often wonder when I hear or read critics of Ellen White what their arguments would be if Foy would have taken the mantel rather than Ellen White.

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Pastor Foy is a ruse cooked up by early Adventist to confirm Ellen White as a prophet. It is foolish to believe any story predicated on a lie.


So you are saying early Adventists were liars much like the Mormons which made up wild stories about golden plates.  As far as I can tell Pastor Foy was a real living human being.  Can you bring any proof other than what you say?

Hello Raymond

As difficult as it is for me to say and for you to hear; yes. Pastor Foy was real, but he did not die as relayed in the story. He went on to live a long life as a minister. Ellen White gleaned much of her first vision from what she heard from Foy, who relayed his visions in public.


So you are saying Foy's visions are real and Ellen White Stole them.  So if Foy's visions are real why are you not following what Foy's has said in his visions?  Why has Foy been forgotten if what he received from God is real?

As I heard it Raymond Foy was given the vision but did not want to be a prophet because of the Prejudice that was going on at the time. So God gave it to EG White and when she related them in a meeting Foy was there and confirmed them as he had the same visions.

What happen to Foy after that I do not know. Interestingly Leon did make a post about Foy some time ago where he held up Foy as a Prophet and EG White as a false prophet. I searched the Discussion forum but either it has been lost or I need to come up with another word than "Foy" to search with.


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