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At 35:04 a WO proponent rudely interrupts the president of the World Church asking him to shut up and take his seat. These people have no respect for leadership and those in authority.   

see the rude interruption as 35:04 

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Open your eyes, we are already there.


And that is acceptable how?  Or is that the design?

Instead of going PC and worldly why not try sending Bible workers to poor peoples homes or street corners to study the word find their needs and show them love rather than recruiting upper crust liberals with fat wallets.

Hello Raymond

I fully agree, lets go where the need is and give them Christ.


Amen Leon.  That is how the church will grow.  Love the little people, the highways and byways. 

The definition of the word 'Rude' for those who don't know 

rude /ˈruːd/  adjective

ruder; rudest
Learner's definition of RUDE
[also more rude; most rude]
: not having or showing concern or respect for the rights and feelings of other people : not polite
: relating to sex or other body functions in a way that offends others
always used before a noun : happening suddenly in usually an unpleasant or shocking way
literary : made or done in a simple or rough way : crude


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