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Is it not good or good for woman to be alone?

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Well, I may have to show you my insight on your response. I agree what have you said that we must follow that God leads but if he shows Carol an opportunity of a good person that comes in her life. She should take on what comes in her way. Good opportunities happens rarely. If the relationship goes well, if it blossoms, and the signs are showing that things are going according to his plan, then it must a sign from him.

God's thoughts are not our thoughts , God's ways are not our ways. When I met my wife I knew this is the one. I asked her to marry me after the first date. We married two years later. When people us together they know we are one. I am American and she is Chinese but people say we look the same.
Our goals in life are the same , our morals are the same, we are truly one. The opportunity should be only once. It will happens when both paths merge together. Then it is God's will.

 I do agree with this that the two merge into one.. , The only thing is that it will take a whole lot of Grace n forgiveness  on both partners to make this happen..  You see their going to be conflicts in marraige and even the very best marraiges have conflicts and that will always be that way on this earth.

 OK that being said n done how do conflicts get settled then? It takes openess of mind n the ability to adapt to someone else and their personality  and the ability to learn you yourself are not perfect n a little chnage if it is done to please the other  and Is pleasing  to God will make  you a better person.. . Suppose now their are traditions u are used to and the one u marry is accustomed to something else is theirs right n yours wrong ?

 THEIR HAS  to be a willingness to blend the two or even erase one if it is not according to Gods purposes for the overall best interests of the marraige. You may decide u can be flexable and change off too. Thier be some that grew up in Religiosity  a form of Godliness that  follow strict rules but have no heart broken desire to please God in everything./.

 LET   me explain what I mean to be clear  You can repeat or recite memory verses of the Bible and go to Church every Sabbath n  sing  Songs robustly and go through all the actions that go with it but stil have no Love that is willing to sacrifice for another but only want what is best  for yourself n your own desires.

, IS  this true Holiness then? . Sorry I can not speak for u one way or another for each of us have to in our own minds decided if Godis served by being formal or strict or is it better to be flexable and adjust to something that u can not see right off ?   Being right is not always Right either for u can be right n yet wrong in how u go about making yourself seen as rightous..

.. Perhaps even our motives have to be seen  for u can have a wrong attitude even if what u say is correct Yes or No? Marriage is not al about being right all the time it about giving back  even if at times your partner is wrong  you honor and respect them anyway and when u have  the right moment  u ca n bring it to their attention gently n in Love show a better way/ . 

Well Possibly I have writen to much here n their be  some that think it too much t o ask for  to show honor and respect to someone that is in error. But hear me out  How would you feel if  Jesus treated u  the way u deserve instead of with  Grace n  tender mercies He gives ? 

True love in marriage is not looking for the others faults  nor is it over looking them completely  it is simply showing love and acceptance  n being gentle when u talk n when u talk  have  the information  available that can be seen n not debated and never just blurt out your partners sin for chnaces are they already know their faults n are seeking to give them up but need help in doing so. .

I tell u he truth saying I love u with your words  n tongue mean absolutley nothing if in your actions u can not show it so it is seen ..  Praise is so much better than  just condemnation n in our words we can say one thing but in our actions we show something else  it then is all meaningless unless we can change an it be seen. Love is  being sory for what we have done to hurt someone  n it is done many times by Neglect. N even stubborn willfulness.  I Samuel  chapter  15 VERSES 22 N 23  God  is talking through Samuel the Prophet and states   Stubborness is likened to   idolatry n Rebellion is likened after  Witchcraft the 2 go hand in hand . one is too Stubbrn to admit the y wrong either in their attitude or in speach n refuse to do what is right  that is rebellion.. . NUFF SED,    U can  BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!

If the state were to have it's way, birth control and fewer children: population reduction, except in Islam. Women are told that having children is a bad thing (teen pregnancy) and to put off marriage until after college, if at all. They even have the parent to go along with it.

It's not only the Christian community. I saw an interview with a population planner about what they had done to the Taiwanese. He said before they were having an average of 6-8 children, and after getting the girls in college & work this went down to 2. We know they push abortion and easy divorce & support for women, so this nothing new.

Population is declining in the west. The Japanese too:

Japanese adults not having sex – population is plummeting

Women complained sex was "bothersome" (23.8 percent) and they were too tired from work (17.8 percent). 


-- Europe has a combined TFR of about 1.5.

The United States is among eight countries projected to account for half the global population growth between 2013 and 2100—but it is included in the list only because of presumed continuing immigration.

Exactly what is happening in the name of progress. As a man how many of these college educated women would you want to raise your children and benefit from your labor?  People may find this question offensive but I have told my sons to ask this question.  How do I see this women my girl friend raising / being an example to our future children.  If they have any questions about it they need to end the relationship. 

Raymond, I don't know if I understand your response correctly but what do you mean by "As a man how many of these college educated women would you want to raise your children and benefit from your labor?" Which women are you talking about? Speaking as a college educated but, most importantly, Biblically educated woman, I think God would/will equip me to raise my children (if His will allows it) the way He states in His word: Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4, Deuteronomy 6:7 and many more verses I can write here. Besides, the raising for a child should be a team effort between the father and the mother and both of them have to be equally yoked and prepared to be good examples for their children.  Not all college educated women agree with the feminist notions of abortion or divorce (me being one of them) and not all of them are conforming to the ways of this world. 

Did I specifically reference you?  Don't think so and sorry if you did.  You even included what I said in your response. Which was: "how many of these college educated women would you want to raise your children".  If you had marriageable sons, would you want any college women to marry your son?  I think you would be picky and prayerful.  Look at the way girls in our culture act in school even the girls in Christian colleges. The Bible has several stories of how God's people married worldly women and the results were always painful.   I agree with everything you said including the Bible verse and that a husband has a role to play in the raising of children.  What you missed is that point that a father should make to his male children (doing his duty) is that there is more to picking a mate than just looks and curves.  Character matters in picking a mate. Would she be good with your children? Would she spend  more than you /as a couple earn?  Also would you want your son to marry a  college girl with as you put it, with "feminist notions" who took gender studies in college.  

Raymond the answer u gave about a womans  character is so  right,,  I seen many men choose a wife because she good loooking and pleases him. , Ihave seen also ladies that go behind their father or parents   back n do not even let them know who they courting.. 

 I T may seem old  fashioned an OUT of date in todays world But I am learning by reviewing What is written in the Bible  their are reasons God told us these things, I used to think in my younger years  the things written in the Old Testament were no longer valid in our day because things have changed an so has culture but I was soo wrong.. I now see the  council God gave was for the Good of His children  and  He did not want to se the heartache caused by foolish choices an emotional reasoning./   I know as to what I am talking about also for I have made so many choices on  how I WAS THINKING BY MY   Emotions ,, .

Of all the  heartaches n wrong choices  I have made I would not want those I  come in contact to deal with or go through, because the y relied on their feelings. The truth is emotions are tricky n are not  reliable   but the council we find given in THE  Bible an through the Writings of SIS   WHITE  IF  listened to  n read fully  would keep u from making poor choices an even becoming addicted to making bad choices n delaing with the consequences   L- A-T-E-R !// 

THOSE that have children now either by a previous marraige or out of marriage  and are thinking of being married again   an their perspective  Choice also has children be extremly careful  very very very careful  .. Blended families are all the more difficult to adjust to for their many emotional scars that  are left u cant see...... /

 I am not one that is qualified by college  in Phsycoology  an I not able to read the hearts either I  DO KNOW  that twhen u courting so many times   you be like on  A  high  an YOU CAN NOT   always  see things clearly for this  emotional  high  can be dizzy n all  you can think about is future happiness together..//

I will say this Over  an Over  Again  Step back what is your rush ?  If  it is Love will it not  take  the investiagting or is it too much to do to take time to look int o it deeper n see if it is love or a fasination?.. What is it that u really know about this person  an Love? . Yes they may have character flaws u do not know about and can u by slowing down ask  questions of a more personal  and direct manner ??

 Does the one u say  you love when   you ask questions avoid giving answers to the questions u  have asked ??  DO they answer whatever they want and leave whatever u also have asked  Blank?  YEA H YEAH  I heard it a thousand times he or she is so handsome or so beautiful but Listen what about their character ?? //  IF THEY REALLY  loved u would they really avoid answering questions u have ?? ..  

  WHEN U find yourself attrached to someone how will u know if you make  a wrong choice the y will lbe forgiving n show  you grace ?  Will you know this because they so cute n would not be that way?  Many times we live  ACROSS OCEANS  and we meet over the internet  and I have no words to say that are discouraging except u need  even more time then if u met every day or every week and were courting... 

OOOPPS  I am stepping on many toes in this aspect  n better shut my mouth,, ..

Raymond, when you mentioned college educated women and mentioned how many men would want their children to be raised by them, I felt inclined to respond because I identify with being a college educated woman but one who doesn't hold to the same standards that the world does. Most importantly, above all other title, I am a Christian. What my point was that not all college educated women are feminists and/or worldly. I completely agree that character matters more than physical appearance and that parents should have their children ask questions and think about their "potential" bfs or gfs and how their influence will affect their spiritual lives. What I was was saying was that not all college educated women should be lumped into one basket or generalization. A woman can be a Christian/follower of Christ AND be college educated. 

You mentioned if I would want my son to marry a college woman who took gender studies in college. I wouldn't reject her just because she took one class to fulfill a requirement. It would be different if she was majoring in it. I would have to learn about her and see if she was an active Adventist Christian and what her views were on issues such as male/female roles, abortion, women's rights and such. It would take a lot more investigation and thoughtful research to learn about her as a person. I want my son to marry an Adventist Christian college educated woman and of course, I want the best for him and for him not to go the way of Samson and just salivate over a Babylonian bombshell. I hope to teach him (along with my husband) to look for the inner and lasting character qualities of a Proverbs 31 woman. 

"the way of Samson and just salivate over a Babylonian bombshell."

haaa haaa! Thank you L.  We do agree.  That we must be careful. 

I am going to use that term often "Babylonian bombshell" that is just too funny.


Babylonian bombshell?

She may be referring to someone who is naturally beautiful who also has artificial beauty added. She may also have a very warm, alluring personality; and very charming etc...


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