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Should women preach, become elders, pastors, leaders?

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Why shouldn't they? Women are in leadership roles at my Church. Me included.

Women can give sermons though.



True, in or out of the pulpit. G



they can preach anywhere...they are just sharing Gods word

I am glad that somebody actually gets this.... =)


I think it is you who have been missing the point.. No one here is saying that women shouldn't be able to preach, just that they should not be appointed as the head of the local church.. If the pastor needs someone to fill in and give a sermon great, but she can't lead the church..

I do is the "pimp/prostitute/john" mindset.  

I am sorry that you have a problem with it, Alexander.


Uuuuuummm... Not sure where you were going with that one, but I find it somewhat disturbing that you were compelled to use such a crude and disgusting parallel to use when we are talking about the things of God.

Using someone's gifts (and them) and then telling them they are not good enough and taking away what they have's the same thing.  


No one is suggesting that in the slightest.. A woman can peach without being the pastor. And if she is fitted for a leadership role there are plenty of other leadership roles in the church that could use such a gift... That person should and can use the gifts no one us "using them and telling them they are not good enough". They are told that God has different plans for them.. As Christians we must be willing to accept that what we want to do is not always what God want's us to do.. His will is all that matters, not how it makes us feel.....


Ty. :0)


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