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Should women preach, become elders, pastors, leaders?

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No but whatever the truth may be it is not about "another understanding" it is about truth and in the end we are held accountable for working to the best of our knowledge, and more so sharing that knowledge with others.

That being said why are you cutting people down for reasonably sharing with you their beliefs? Why should everyone have to bow down to Teresa's view? Seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me..

Matthew   7 : 4   "Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?"


 we are called to share

what we have been convicted of

it is different among us all

yet amen we do share and grow and learn when we hear what others have to share what the SWEET SPIRIT has shared with us  

praise GOD



Amen :0)


"Turn your eyes upon Jesus" Every morning.. It is sad to see such a beautiful hymn used to reflect an attitude that that is not Christ like.. God said "let us reason together" not " lets walk away from each other, singing paisley when we hear something we don't like..

Please sister listen to the cloud of witnesses on this forum that have at many points commented about your attitude and adjust it, because it prophets no one, especially you..

 YOU KNOW   I  find it hard to reply back when all is stated is biblical but rejected in order to valadate  ones opinion only.   the argument goes on and on with no justification but their own opinion ,, why?? why not say instead  if the Lord has stated it then so be it  it is enough?

  why try to make endless excuses on why  the Lord  said something  and then try in your own wisdom  to  change  what is stated but it is not fair today in eyes of those that want a change based on popular opinion ??


Uncle Murray


God is a VERY OLD man too.





Yes, that is true, which supports the idea that truth is always young and relevant.  This is one thing that makes it truth.  It was true yesterday, it is true today and it will always be true.  This is why we can trust the Bible, not culture of how we feel about things.


Maranatha :)


Amen. :0)

I have written here that I think those who are cruel in their attacks and do not express themselves properly here - obeying site rules - they should have few warnings and if not listen - be removed from the site!! cruel comments from members here should not mean that the rest of us should suffer and have site removed! I am praying Clark P will listen to the many comments here asking to leave site running! will think carefully about doing this to those who are like this - but leave the site running - for those who are kind and obey site rules :)


I have heard Doug speak on this topic a few times my self, and he is only against women being ordained as pastors, but is ok with it in any other position of the church. For example many of the women who teach at AFCO are ordained, but not as pastors.  He points out him self that women ordained for example as a youth pastor, is in line with SOP and scripture....So I am sorry, but as with sister White before this I have to believe what he says he believes, not what you say he believes...

If he was against it why would ordained women be on his parole? That is a privately run organization, so the conference didn't put those ordained women in leadership roles at AFCO...


You can sigh arrogantly all you like, but that doesn't change the evidence of thee different sermons where he says him self.. and the fact that ordained women are in his employ contradicts your claim, so site a source or I'm not buying it..


How am I falsely accusing you by telling you that I won't believe it without proof?

If anyone here has made false accusations it is not me. On the contrary I have been trying to state that unless you have presented poof that you have no right to make accusations about pastor Doug.


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