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Should women preach, become elders, pastors, leaders?

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"So this is clearly your own private interpretation?  No one else in the church, even of those who are against WO, agree with you?"

Actually that is inaccurate, it is in fact a common place belief among most Adventists I know, including sister White's grandson who lives down here. I figure if anyone would know what her thoughts were on a topic it is her family...

Your welcome. :0)

Ok. My bad. ty :0)

Can I point out that the great or final sin of Jeroboam that led to the ruin of his household is understood to be the consecration of non-Levites into the priesthood by many both inside and outside the SDA denomination. 

The Amplified Bible renders it this way, 

"After this thing, Jeroboam turned not from his evil way, but made priests for the high places again from among all the people. Whoever would, he consecrated, that there might be priests for the high places.

And this thing became the sin of the dynasty of Jeroboam that caused it to be abolished and destroyed from the face of the earth." (1 Kings 13:33,34)

Ray has made a logical deduction based on an assumptions: If the role of pastor/minister is equivalent to the Jewish Levitical priestly role, then particularly as it pertains to being a male priesthood women would be as naturally excluded today as they were from the Levitical priesthood.

The key point is the relationship between the all-male Levitical priesthood and an all-male Christian priesthood.

That 1 Kings 13:33-34 is applicable to the issue of women's ordination is a given *if* God ordained the role of priest-pastor as a male role.

Is ordaining women into what God desired to be a male role the equivalent of the great sin of Jeroboam? Yes, it is. 

Rather than focus on a resultant point it is better to focus on the assumption in regard to an ordained male role. This whole argument is won or lost depending on whether the assumption is correct.

 I generally  believe we as a church are living by our own emotions ..  If we say God is agreed in ordaining women as Pastors why is it stated  directly it is to be men only and thus we set aside inspiration in order to make  us feel better? 
 Are we then going to follow our emotions or a thus says the Lord. WHAT IS next wil lwe set aside is unimportant for we  do not feel   it is right  to discriminate?  I do not feel like it necasary to show my spouse honor  for it too hard today besides  after all does not God want me to be happy?/ . It is too restrictive to submit so  Imake up in my mind what Ifeel is important and  I am sure their thousands and thousands also that have these thoughts at least in their minds but restricted only out of fear. ..

Are the barriers oor the consequences for our actions to be let go of and ouR  fear  of the Lords requirements for us as  his pecular people be also  set aside then ??  hmm seems to me  if we go by our emotions then every thread of our immaginations will soomn follow  yes or no??   Was not those that  were among the unconverted  in the  desert the  mixed  multitudes that stirred up doubt in the minds o fothers so Jehovahs requirements were questioned?? 

  it is to be thought on more cleerly then our doing our own thing instead of following the cannons set up by our creator.. marriages fall apart too because submisiveness  is conssidered a dirty word no longer needed for Ido not feel my mate is to be shown tha t kind of respect after all  I work also hmm?? DOES not the 10th commandment tie in all the others with  thou shall not covet .. ??  Were not the  Deciples of Jesus powerless  in their mission  when the ywere arguing over who would be first in the kingdom among themselves?/ 

 Yes  I know I am just an old man too  SO   THE OLD WAYS  must be left behind  or is this actually  the WAY It  IS ORDAINED??  DOES BEING OLDER  MAKE U LESS OF A WITNESS OF THE OLD STANDARDS   God set up and prospered??


So just so I have this clear, you think that silencing the truth will make it all for away?


Ok, so that is the case... You ears must be itching petty bad...

When the someone repeatedly posts the same off-topic response over and over again in a thread it may be that some understanding is needed. Peppering a thread with off-topic, irrelevant, multiple posts is a bullying tactic that can be used to de-rail a thread and to stifle debate. Often used as a replacement to reasoned argument and to protect spurious claims. Controlling behaviour of this type is, along with hypersensitivity, is symptomatic of having an abusive personality.

@John B


Are you seriously trying to dredge up false martyrdom, and piety from posts all the way back in 2012..?

Even after the Admin had to open an entire thread about expanding the rules on such issues, because of the behavior you are here defending again?

I'm speechless... To dredge up something that old, pointless, and forgotten you must be incredibly bitter..


Hmm... let me get this right. A year ago you wreck a couple of threads by posting multiple, off-topic, cut n' paste messages. You are asked to refrain and you refused. I noted at the time that this was a bullying tactic to stifle free discussion and bloat the thread. 

You responded with the hymn post above. Precisely the tactic that had already been complained about and, despite the complaints, you refused to stop doing it until, a week after that post, the rules were changed to stop you. There are three examples on this page alone. Posted over three consecutive days. Posts which neither comment on, nor add to, the discussion.

Seriously, teresa, what are you thinking? After one year you want revive this thread solely to try and justify your behaviour??

Do you not realise that the rules had to be changed because you refused to stop your behaviour and went to the extent of accusing everyone else rather than accept that you were in the wrong?

Now, one year later, you want to show the same spirit and vicariously accuse me? You don't feel at all ashamed to revive this previously forgotten episode?

I agree with Kristina, to dredge up something that old, pointless and forgotten...

Wow. I pray that the Lord will relieve you. 


That "closer walk" includes submitting to truth when it is presented from God's word.



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