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I know you may  or may not know or hear about people who really want to change into the opposite sex.resently as i was watching oprah show on NTV uganda. OPRAH interviewed men who lived as men and now they are living as women .Both of them had families, wives children and both were happly married.  One had lived 40 years as a male  ,another 30 years before changing to women. When they asked them why they decided to change  to women,  both of them had relatively close answers, which were: ever since child hood both of them felt like GOD created them in a different body but not the body they felt inside them.GOD created them as men yet  for them they did not feel okey with that, they felt they were females than males and this has been making their lives difficult because for many years they lived in different bodies and missed alot on the other side like making up, wearing women clothes, shoes, jewellely etc Even after becaming fathers , they felt like they missed some thing specail until they decided to became women ,right now they are happily married with their fellow women as they were before.( At least thier women and children were able to bear with the changes so as to keep a stable family though one woman cofessed that she still misses the man she married because that man is no more but a woman is present) THEY SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT HOMOS  OR LEISBIANS.please tell me how does this differ from being leisbians now when they are happly married to their fellow women? DO you think that these people appriciate GOD's creation? or is there a ghost in them or alot of female hormones in them? if so why did they suppress the female hormones in them because i believe that was easy, Do  you think their spouses were so happy and over joyed to spend the rest of their lives with a new creature? What about at the place of work , neighbours,children and friends? Then who is to blame, is it science, themselves, the devil or GOD.Think about it, We as christians how far have we gone with the gospel? YOU CAN COMMENT IF U LIKE, GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.  

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Hi Barbra,
Thanks for that post. Personally I don't need any scripture or theological advise to know that changing from sex to sex is against God's initial plan for humanity. You asked that who is to blame? of course themselves and the devil. Period.
I agree with susan that even though the bible does talk about what God created and how, well it is the fault of that person that changes there appearance and also the devil because this is Gods creation he created us to who we are and I do not think that God is pleased when we try to say he made a mistake when he made us and he does not make mistakes.


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